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Product Reviews

  • Excellent


    Fantastic product. No joint stiffness, aches or pains. Easy to take, great tasting and not as messy as the powder. Highly recommended for the fitness and endurance recovery.



  • Great stuff


    I posted a review last year on using this product. I'm yet to get a cold or any sort of virus that does the rounds at the office. It's become a necessary part of my regime. My spring through to autumn allergy resulting in chronic sinusitis has been nowhere near as bad this year, and i can only attribute it to blackcurrant alongside my usual antihistamine.



  • First review I've ever done as this stuff WORKS!!!


    I've had problems with dry eyes off and on for a few years. Had my eyes checked and nothing could be found physically wrong. Sometimes there was no reason for my eyes to start stinging and then tearing up, other times it was the wind or laughing, and even eating that would set them off. Every night at the dinner table I would cry, and it wasn't because of my cooking. ;-) My eyes would start to sting and then tears would come to compensate for the stinging dryness. This was very awkward if I was driving at the time, or talking to someone! I tried eyedrops (waste of time) and then evening primrose oil capsules that had blackcurrant oil in them and they were the only thing that helped. Noticing the blackcurrant oil ingredient in them was how I found this product. Within a week of taking this every day, my eyes felt normal again! SO happy with it! Now, 4 weeks down the track, my eyes are not dry any more and don't sting; they feel moist and back to normal. Amazing product!!!



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