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Kyolic Garlic

Kyolic garlic is a potent garlic extract made from genuine aged garlic for premium immune support. Aging garlic increases its potency and helps to transform the unstable active component allicin into more stable forms of sulfur compound. Kyolic Garlic may also support cardiovascular health. Nutra-Life Kyolic Garlic contains only genuine Kyolic aged garlic in a high-potency formulation.

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Kyolic Garlic Info

Garlic is one of the most widely used herbs in the world, with its use dating back to ancient times and recorded in the medical systems and writings of Ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its bug-killing antimicrobial effects have been documented since Victorian times, and it is used in the cuisine of cultures around the world.

Popular for its immune-supportive properties, garlic has long been associated with winter ailments such as the common cold and flu, and used traditionally to support the body’s response to infection. Kyolic garlic is a specific form of aged garlic, developed in post-War Japan and prepared through a sophisticated method that enhances and concentrates the active sulfur compounds, increasing its bioavailability and stabilising it for optimal absorption and minimising any common side-effects such as digestive upsets and ‘garlic breath’.

Kyolic garlic may also support cardiovascular function and maintenance of healthy blood pressure.

Product Reviews

  • Huge impact on blood pressure


    My mum is 76 years old and is currently taking dr prescription blood pressure meds, every time she goes to the doctors for her blood pressure reading. She has always had an elevated reading to the point where they want to add more blood pressure tabs. She refused and started on the Kyolic and went back after 3 months to be told her blood pressure reading is normal....so she went back again after another 3 months and still a normal reading. We are very impressed. She has had the flu over the last two years which landed her in the hospital many times, but this time she hasn't had the flu or ended up in the hospital because of it. Thanks to the Kyolic....wish I knew about this years ago

    Anita Bishop


  • easy immune boost


    A great easy way to boost my immune system it really does me proud



  • Great for cold prevention


    I take big doses of this when I feel a cold coming on and 9 times out of 10, it'll prevent the cold even developing.



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