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Tart Cherry

Tart cherry is an herbal product made from the concentrated berries of a particular species of cherry. Popular for those wanting a restful night’s sleep due to its natural melatonin content, and also for those battling high uric acid levels in the joints, it is an age-old remedy that has supportive research and is seeing a resurgence in popularity today. Tart cherry is available in both liquid and capsule forms.

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Tart Cherry Info

Cherries have been popular for millennia, for food, for their aesthetic appeal and also in herbal medicine. Tart cherries are the fruit of the Montmorency cultivar of the Prunus cerasus tree, and are loved for their culinary as well as for their potential therapeutic uses.

Tart Cherry Benefits

Tart cherry is a natural source of phytomelatonin, a plant-sourced naturally-occurring form of melatonin, the hormone responsible for balanced sleep/wake cycles. In our modern lives, melatonin production is easily disrupted, due to too many hours spent looking at screens, irregular sleep routines, working night shifts, jet lag and too much light. Tart cherry may support the body’s natural sleep patterns.

As well as this, tart cherry has traditionally been used to support the body’s response to painfully high uric acid levels, and may support maintenance of healthy uric acid levels in the blood.

Product Reviews

  • Post Traumatic Head Injury


    After gaining a traumatic head injury 18 years ago I found my sleep greatly affected. It wasn’t until a few years later I feel pregnant and we’re unable to take sleeping pills. Though a friend I found this product tart cherry sleep which I use each night for the past 15 years. A brilliant aid to assist a perfect nights sleep.



  • A great relaxer for a good nights sleep!


    I find these are really helpful at relaxing in bed and enabling me to get to sleep easily instead of going around in my mind. I generally take one tablet as I get into bed and within 30 minutes I'm sound off to sleep.



  • Good but maybe not for everybody


    This product is good in that it seemed to work as expected i.e. improve one’s ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. However, after about a week of taking it (15 ml) on a daily basis, I started to feel unwell. The symptoms were fatigue and headache. These symptoms became worse over the subsequent week. Then it occurred to me that that as cherries are high in salicylates, then tart cherry is probably high in salicylates. I am sensitive to salicylates and the symptoms I experienced while taking this product were very similar to those I experience when I eat high salicylate foods or take medication containing salicylates. I would imagine that 15 ml of this product is equivalent to quite a few cherries. I don’t have absolute proof that this product was the culprit but my symptoms began to disappear 48 hours after my last dose. I would advise that anyone who has a salicylate sensitivity use this product cautiously or consider using an alternative product.



Wellness Blog

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