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Trilogy Rosehip Collection


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RRP: NZ$39.99

Save 20% (NZ$8.09)


RRP: NZ$39.99

Save 20% (NZ$8.09)


RRP: NZ$39.99

Save 20% (NZ$8.09)

The Trilogy Rosehip Collection contains:

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+
Advanced formula Rosapene is a highly effective beauty oil shown to improve skin tone, elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles. Potent natural actives deliver a radiant glow and healthy, younger looking skin.

Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream
A versatile performance moisturiser for all skin tyoes. Providing immediate nourishment and hydration. It absorbs quickly and helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Trilgy Cream Cleanser
This simple one-step cleanser does more than just remove makeup and impurities from face and eyes. Non-drying it is the perfect preparation morning and night for beautifully refreshed soft supple skin.

Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner
A gentle aromatic hydration mist delivering instant moisture to thirsty skin of any type. This refreshing and uplifting alcohol-free mist completes any cleansing routine or spritz anytime to cool and refresh.

Trilogy Rosehip Antioxidant+
Certified Organic Rosehip Oil , Solanum lycopersicum (tomato) seed oil (and) caprylic/capric triglyceride (and) vaccinium macrocarpon (cranberry) seed oil (and) helianthus annuus seed oil (and) tocopherol, Lycopene, Acai oil, Oat extract

Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream:
Aqua (water), Glycerin (vegetable), Sweet almond oil, Glyceryl stearate, Evening primrose oil, Jojoba seed oil, Cetearyl wheat straw glycosides (and) cetearyl alcohol, Certified Organic Rosehip Oil , Solanum lycopersicum (tomato) seed oil (and) caprylic/capric triglyceride (and) vaccinium macrocarpon (cranberry) seed oil (and) helianthus annuus seed oil (and) tocopherol, Lycopene, Acai oil, Oat extract, Marula oil, Aloe vera leaf extract, Vitamin E, Carrot seed oil, Chamomile flower extract, Bitter orange flower oil, Rosemary leaf extract, Sodium stearoyl glutamate, Citric acid, Dehydroacetic acid (and) benzyl alcohol, Parfum, Citral, Geraniol, Citronellol, Limonene, Linalool

Trilogy Cream Cleanser:
Aqua (water), Sweet almond oil, Glycerin (vegetable), Certified Organic Rosehip Oil , Cetearyl olivate (and) sorbitan olivate, Cetearyl alcohol, Evening primrose oil, Jojoba seed oil, Vitamin E, Aloe vera leaf extract, Carrot seed oil, Chamomile flower extract, Bitter orange flower oil, Xanthan gum, Citric acid, Dehydroacetic acid (and) benzyl alcohol, Rosemary leaf extract, Parfum, Citral, Geraniol, Citronellol, Limonene, Linalool

Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner:
Aqua (water), Aloe vera leaf juice, Rose geranium flower oil, Rose flower water, Lavender oil, Caprylyl/capryl wheat bran/straw glycosides(and)aqua(and)fusel wheat bran/straw glycosides(and) polyglyceryl-5 oleate(and) sodium glutamate(and) glyceryl caprylate, Dehydroacetic acid (and) benzyl alcohol, Geraniol, Citronellol, Linalool



Delivering natural skincare alternatives, Trilogy products are made from simple blends of pure, natural plant oils and botanical extracts with no added chemicals. Their original, certified-organic Rosehip Oil is the key ingredient across their whole range.

This is a brand with a conscience. Since sisters and Trilogy founders Catherine de Groot and Sarah Gibbs began creating their products, they have stuck to a no-animal-testing policy.

Trilogy is driven by a philosophy that beauty products don’t have to be synthetic to deliver high quality results. This goal to create effective yet natural skincare products makes Trilogy one of HealthPost’s model natural health product brands. In fact, it’s so popular it’s even found its way into some very famous homes, including Kate Middleton’s.

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Trilogy 趣乐活 玫瑰果套装包含了:

Trilogy 趣乐活 有机认证玫瑰果油 5ml

Trilogy 趣乐活 有机野玫瑰保湿面霜20ml

Trilogy 趣乐活 有机野玫瑰洁面乳 30ml

Trilogy 趣乐活 有机野玫瑰保湿爽肤水喷雾 20ml。

Trilogy 趣乐活 有机认证玫瑰果油萃取纯天然有机野玫瑰果油,不含任何人造色素或香料,成分天然安全。玫瑰油是营养和基本脂肪酸的宝库,可以维持皮肤的细胞再生和组织层修复,抚平细纹,延缓肌肤衰老,临床证明其可以修复疤痕和受损肌肤,具有深度修复和滋养之功效。此外,它的超细脂肪酸分子能够被快速吸收,让皮肤畅快地呼吸,帮助减少皮肤皱纹和细纹的痕迹和色素,恢复皮肤的水分平衡,修复肌肤自身的屏障。玫瑰果油富含胡萝卜素和番茄红素,可以有效抗氧化;反式维A酸可以缓解肌肤干燥情况,补水保湿;维生素A可帮助肌肤愈合,促进肌肤再生。

Trilogy 趣乐活 有机野玫瑰保湿面霜富含野玫瑰果油、向日葵籽油、月见草、HA透明质酸和维生素A,C,E等物质,有效滋润肌肤,让肌肤时刻保持水嫩。融入的植物提取的透明质酸和纯植物精油,显著为肌肤补水。抗氧化维他命A,C E能有效中和自由基。SPF15为肌肤撑起天然屏障,有效保护肌肤免受阳光的伤害。

Trilogy 趣乐活 有机野玫瑰洁面乳,卸妆、洁面、护肤三合一,含多种植物护肤营养成分,性质温和天然,任何肌肤都适用。本品可温和清洁肌肤污垢,卸除脸部及眼部彩妆,同时具有护肤功效,可滋养保湿,平衡肌肤水油,令肌肤清新有活力。本品富含多种天然成分,具有多重护肤功效:荷荷巴油具镇静、柔软和滋养作用,锁水保湿;胡萝卜根提取物富含胡萝卜素,可促进肌肤天然保护功能,修复肌肤天然屏障。

Trilogy 趣乐活 有机野玫瑰保湿爽肤水喷雾不含酒精,天然植物成份帮助净化肌肤,有效清除残留,让肌肤软化再生;可以清除老死细胞及杂质,收敛毛孔,平衡油脂分泌,保护天然皮脂膜,水嫩保湿,令肌肤回复爽洁舒畅,让后续护理产品吸收度加倍!本品质地轻盈,易于吸收,成分天然,不会给肌肤造成负担,所有肌肤类型均适用。

○ 规格:5ml、20ml、30ml、20ml

○ 品牌:Trilogy/趣乐活

○ 产地:新西兰


○ Trilogy 趣乐活 有机认证玫瑰果油:萃取纯天然有机野玫瑰果油,不含任何人造色素或香料,成分天然安全。玫瑰果油含各种有效护肤成分,如胡萝卜素、番茄红素、反式维A酸、维生素A等,具有多重护肤功效。有机玫瑰果油能够被快速吸收,让皮肤畅快地呼吸。

○ Trilogy 趣乐活 有机野玫瑰保湿面霜:融入植物提取的透明质酸和纯植物精油。不含添加物、人工色素、人工香料、防腐剂。性质温和,不具刺激性。富含多种有效滋润成分,全天候保湿不干燥。

○ Trilogy 趣乐活 有机野玫瑰洁面乳:本品卸妆、洁面、护肤三合一,在卸除彩妆、清除污垢的同时具有多重护肤功效。性质温和天然,任何肌肤都适用,也可用于卸除眼部彩妆。本品富含多种天然成分,如玫瑰果油、荷荷巴油、芦荟等。

○ Trilogy 趣乐活 有机野玫瑰保湿爽肤水喷雾:本品质地轻盈,不含酒精,易于吸收,成分天然,不会给肌肤造成负担,所有肌肤类型均适用。用作洁面之后,可以让后续护理产品加倍吸收。具有清洁、爽肤、收敛、保湿等多重护肤功效。


○ Trilogy 趣乐活 有机认证玫瑰果油:维持皮肤的细胞再生和组织层修复,修复疤痕和受损肌肤。抚平细纹和皱纹,抑制衰老产生的色素沉淀,延缓肌肤衰老。补水保湿,恢复皮肤的水份平衡,修复肌肤自身的屏障。可帮助肌肤愈合,促进肌肤再生。

○ Trilogy 趣乐活 有机野玫瑰保湿面霜:抗氧化功效显著,有效延缓肌肤衰老。深度补水,舒缓敏感肌肤。修复细纹,恢复肌肤光泽度。可以有效保护肌肤不受到剧烈日晒的侵袭,不因为日晒而出现肌肤老化、粗糙、干燥、色斑等问题。

○ Trilogy 趣乐活 有机野玫瑰洁面乳:温和清洁肌肤污垢,卸除脸部及眼部彩妆,同时具有护肤功效,可滋养保湿,平衡肌肤水油,令肌肤清新有活力。芦荟提取物可滋养舒缓肌肤,保湿锁水。玫瑰果油既可深入滋养保湿,美白润肤,又可促进细胞再生,修复肌肤的瑕疵问题,令肌肤结实、富有弹性。月见草油有利于维持肌肤的柔韧和弹性。

○ Trilogy 趣乐活 有机野玫瑰保湿爽肤水喷雾:净化肌肤,有效清除残留,让肌肤软化再生;清除老死细胞及杂质,收敛毛孔,平衡油脂分泌;保护天然皮脂膜,让后续护理产品吸收度加倍。


○ Trilogy 趣乐活 有机认证玫瑰果油:滴2-3滴于手掌上;指尖轻轻按摩于肌肤上至吸收。

○ Trilogy 趣乐活 有机野玫瑰保湿面霜:日晒前15-30分钟使用,涂抹于需要日晒的肌肤上。

○ Trilogy 趣乐活 有机野玫瑰洁面乳:用温水弄湿脸部,取少许洗面奶涂在脸上和脖子上,轻轻地按摩片刻,用温水冲洗掉,轻轻拍干,用洗面巾擦拭干净,效果更佳。日晒前15-30分钟使用,涂抹于需要日晒的肌肤上。

○ Trilogy 趣乐活 有机野玫瑰保湿爽肤水喷雾:清洁面部后,用化妆棉或指尖取适量爽肤水涂抹于脸部,并轻拍至吸收。


○ Trilogy 趣乐活 有机认证玫瑰果油:100%有机野生玫瑰果油。

○ Trilogy 趣乐活 有机野玫瑰保湿面霜:水,荷荷巴籽油,氧化锌,维生素,甘油,癸酸甘油三酯,玫瑰果种子油,鲸蜡硬脂麦草糖苷,向日葵籽油,HA透明质酸,芦荟叶提取物,月见草籽油,钠硬脂酰基谷氨酸盐,鲸蜡硬脂醇,硬脂酸甘油酯,甜味扁桃油,胡萝卜苜蓿种子油,洋甘菊菊花提取物,柑橘,阿马拉花油,迷迭香叶提取物,黄原胶,甘油异硬脂酸酯,聚羟基乙酸,苯氧乙醇,乙基己基甘油,水杨酸,香水,柠檬醛,香叶醇,香茅醇,苎烯,芳樟醇。

○ Trilogy 趣乐活 有机野玫瑰洁面乳:水,甜杏仁油,甘油,认证的有机玫瑰果油,鲸蜡硬脂olivate(和)山梨糖醇olivate,鲸蜡硬脂醇,月见草油,荷荷芭油,维他命E,芦荟叶提取物,胡萝卜籽油,洋甘菊花提取物,苦橙花油,黄原胶,柠檬酸,脱氢乙酸(和)苄醇,迷迭香叶提取物,香水,柠檬醛,香叶醇,香茅醇,苎烯,芳樟醇。

○ Trilogy 趣乐活 有机野玫瑰保湿爽肤水喷雾:玫瑰水、天竺葵水、薰衣草水。(纯蒸馏水)

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Last longer than you'd expect Review by
  • star

As these are just small samples, I'm surprised as to how long they have lasted. I've been using the face wash and moisteriser everyday for 6 weeks and there's still some left. The toning mist leaves your skin feeling nice and soft too. It's a great way to try the products before committing to the larger ones.

This product combination for me is amazing. Review by
  • star

After Chemo treatment my skin did all sorts of silly things, specially my face suffered with acne type symptoms which I have never had in my life. I use these 4 products every day and have cleared up all problems.(very quickly) I definitely would not be with out them and would recommend very highly. After I have used the rosehip oil on my face I rub my hands and fingers through my hair and it leaves a lovely gloss.

I have been suffering from hormonal... Review by
  • star

I have been suffering from hormonal acne and bad skin for 8 months. I decided to try this skincare range and in 2 weeks the difference is amazing! My pores have shrunk, the sore hormonal spots are nearly gone. I thought it would be too oily for my skin but it has been fantastic. I will only use Trilogy from now on. Highly recommend. This collection is a great economic way to try it out.

3 Item(s)

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Product Highlights

  • Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ 5ml
  • Vital Moisturising Cream 20ml
  • Cream Cleanser 30ml
  • Hydrating Mist Toner 20ml


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