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Two Islands

Protein Super Blend

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Dairy Free
Sugar Free
Soy Free
Low Sodium
Low Carb
Egg Free
Synthetic Preservative Free
Organic Ingredients
GMO Free
Filler Free
Artificial Sweetener Free
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Artificial Colour Free
Alcohol Free
Child Friendly
Pregnancy / Breastfeeding Friendly
New Zealand Manufactured
New Zealand Made
Heavy Metals Tested
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Two Islands Protein Super Blend is a complete daily formula boasting a wide range of plant-based essential vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber. Designed to help you meet your daily nutrition needs and support a full and active lifestyle. Think of it as your supercharged protein shake meets multivitamin.

Blended in a base of Pea and Hemp Protein providing you with all essential amino acids and 20g of protein per serve. Protein Super Blend keeps you feeling fuller for longer and provides daily support for sustained energy, immune and gut health, and the maintenance of lean muscle. Combined with antioxidant rich organic greens and reds including Organic Chlorella, Organic Spirulina, New Zealand Organic Blackcurrant and New Zealand Broccoli Sprout.  

Two Islands have carefully selected a range of essential wholefood sourced vitamins and minerals to provide you with 100% of your daily RDI of plant-based Iron and Iodine. As well as plant-based B Vitamins including Folate for stress, energy and mood support. 

Two Islands unique vegan, plant sourced Vitamin D along with Zinc and Vitamin C help support a healthy immune system, skin and strong bones, together with New Zealand Prebiotic Apple Fibre to support healthy digestion and normal blood sugar levels. 

Delicious on its own in water or blended into your daily smoothie. Protein Super Blend is a complete and modern approach to your daily wellness routine.

  • Always use as per directions on label.
  • Store in a cool dry place.
Adults take: One 30g dose daily. 

Blend two heaped tablespoons (approx. 30g) into 350ml or more, of water, milk, or your favorite smoothie once daily. Have on its own between meals, in your daily smoothie or after exercise. 

To recycle: This product is made of multiple materials and so needs to be disassembled in order to be recycled. Please separate metal components by removing the top and cutting the canister lengthwise to peel the cardboard away. Then peel the inner plastic/foil lining away from the cardboard. Recycle any metal and cardboard components. Dispose of the plastic/foil lining in household rubbish.
Each serve contains:

Pea Protein Isolate 20g
Hemp Protein 4g
FibaFit™, New Zealand Apple Fibre 2.15g

Organic Green Powder Blend 1g includes:
NZ Organic Barley Leaf 350mg
NZ Organic Wheat Leaf 350mg
Organic Chlorella Powder 150mg
Organic Spirulina Powder 150mg

Organic Red Powder Blend 1g includes:
NZ Organic Beetroot Powder 600mg
NZ Organic Blackcurrant Powder 350mg
NZ Broccoli Sprout Powder 50mg

NZ Kelp Powder (Ecklonia radiata) 30mg
Providing Iodine 150mcg
Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 800mg
Vitamin D3 Vegan (as Cholecalciferol) 1000IU, 25mcg
Bio-She Multi-Vitamin Blend from plants – Holy basil, Guava, Amla, Curry Leaves and Lemon 1g

Natural Vitamin A (Natural Mixed Carotenoids) 300mcg
Natural Vitamin B1 25mg
Natural Vitamin B2 25mg
Natural Vitamin B3 35mg
Natural Vitamin B5 60mg
Natural Vitamin B6 50mg
Natural Vitamin B9 (Folate) 300mcg
Natural Vitamin C 100mg
Natural Vitamin E 100IU
Natural Biotin 100mcg
Natural Iron 18mg
Natural Magnesium 10mg
Natural Zinc 7.5mg
Natural Copper 1.5mcg
Natural Manganese 2mg
Natural Potassium 20mg
Natural Selenium 70mcg
Natural Calcium 20mg

Also contains: Thaumatin (natural sweetener)
  • 20g plant-based protein 
  • Plant sourced vitamins & minerals
  • Natural source of iron
  • Certified organic greens & reds
  • Gluten, dairy & soy free

Two Islands Protein Super Blend Review