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Mindful Brand


Guarana Lift

60 capsules
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Mindful Brands
Mindful Brand Vita-Fit is a Mindful Brand. They’re committed to meaningful change that looks after our people and planet. Learn more
Vita-fit Guarana Lift  is a synergistic blend of nutrients and herbs known to enhance energy levels and mental alertness.

  • Not to be taken by pregnant or lactating women, or those on MAO inhibiting medication (anti-depressant)
  • Take well away from protein
  • If taken in the evening this product may interfere with sleep
Adults: Take 1 to 2 Guarana capsules when extra energy is required. Can repeat once during the day. 
Each Capsule Contains: 

Guarana 500mg
Ginkgo biloba 1000mg
Panax ginseng 500mg
Gotu kola 250mg
L-Tyrosine 130mg
L-glutamine 100mg
Niacin 5mg
Cayenne 10mg
Ginger 25mg
Chromium (polynicotinate)  50mcg
This product contains encapsulating aids. Some extracts used.
  • Provides herbs & essential nutrients
  • Supports energy levels & mental alertness
  • Can be taken when extra energy is required 

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22-05-2016 23:09:16
Couldnt find this product in the shops so very pleased to purchase it here.
22-05-2016 23:09:16
I have had a bottle of guarana capsules in the car for quite a long time, as I sometimes do long solo trips. I had used the last of my capsules to drive from the top of the North Island back to New Plymouth, towing a float with a horse that was difficult to let out for a break, so thanks to several guarana capsules managed to do the whole trip, (including through Auckland) of 760kms in one go, without feeling tired at all. I did also have 2-3 coffees as well, but felt totally confident and alert at all times. I have recently repeated the trip, and to my dismay couldnt find guarana in the supermarket or chemist, so was delighted to be able to purchase it online before the 2nd trip. It would also be a great product to take before herd tests and other episodes of high concentration, without any side effects. I could have bought energy cans but who wants all that sugar and other rubbish as well?

09-10-2014 12:03:23
Great Energy Lift
09-10-2014 12:03:23
I have found this product to be the most effective energy boosting product after trying several different products in the past. Definitely love this! I have used this product 1 to 2 hours before a strenuous workout and find it excellent :)

17-09-2014 00:39:21
17-09-2014 00:39:21
gives you so much energy, it also allows me to stay focused well I am studying

01-08-2014 05:31:00
Excellent product
01-08-2014 05:31:00
I highly recommend this product. It gives you a lift when you are needing one, without the jitters that caffeine can cause. I have used these for years, and wouldn't be without them. Reasonable price too.

06-03-2014 18:11:59
This is the most amazing product. ...
06-03-2014 18:11:59
This is the most amazing product. I am allergic to coffee, a quarter of a teaspoon at 9 oclock in the morning giving me the shakes and keeping me awake all night. This product lifts energy, mood and general feeling of well being without causing insomnia. I wouldn't recommend taking it on a regular basis but its absolutely fantastic to use when an extra boost is needed. I sing in a band and it really helps my performance and stamina.

12-04-2013 14:45:48
I generally feel more focused when ...
12-04-2013 14:45:48
I generally feel more focused when I use this product, and my attention span is longer. However, the unexplained caution to 'take well away from protein' is really annoying! I've checked other products with similar ingredients and none of them have this caution. What does 'well away' mean anyway?? It's especially frustrating since I prefer to have protein with my breakfast, so I have to guess about how to manage this supplement along with my diet.

06-12-2011 17:21:55
this is a great way to get yourself...
06-12-2011 17:21:55
this is a great way to get yourself up and running at Dance parties, I have partied all night on this with no hangovers, no icky Tuesdays. I highly recommend it for those times that you want to keep up with the play.
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