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Absolute Essential

Lavender Sweet (Organic)

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Absolute Essential Lavender Sweet (Organic) is a very light Lavender oil specifically grown for its gentle Lavender scent. Lavender Sweet is a wonderful all-rounder, great for diffusing, cleaning and washing around the home as it has a very clean, fresh smell,  it's used widely in laundry and cleaning products. It is great for skin care, very calming, and good to ease nervous tension. 

Fragrance notes:

Herbal and rosy. It has soft notes of evergreen. 

Blends well with:

Orange Sweet, Cedarwood and Geranium. 

The Difference Between Lavenders:

There are three main types of Lavender - Lavender True, Lavender Sweet, and Lavender Spike.

  • Lavender True: Utilised in Skin Healing to assist the skin's natural healing and regeneration processes, especially when blistered or scalded. Lavender True  is very calming and may support sleep & calm. Use after times of emotional shock and to support healing when skin has suffered injury.
  • Lavender Sweet: Has a soft, gentle scent, ideal for using in cleaning products, laundry, and skin care. It can still be utilised to assist the skin's natural healing and regeneration processes, to support relaxation, calm and balance.                                                                                                                                       
  • Lavender Spike: Is great respiratory support and for tight muscles and joints. Lavender Spike is reported to have calming properties that may be useful when there is chest congestion. Can be used to support clear sinuses and has a gentle penetrating aroma that encourages deep healthy breathing. It offers cleansing and relieving properties to support natural recovery from respiratory illness and is ideal for young children and elderly. A useful addition to massage blends for treating body tension and injury.    
  • Never ingest essential oils.
  • Never use them undiluted on your skin.
  • If accidentally ingested do not induce vomiting, follow with olive oil or milk and seek advice from a health professional.
  • Avoid contact with eyes - flush with water.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Never use essential oils topically on babies under 3 months old (except under the guidance of a qualified therapist). If using topically with children, halve the amount of essential oils used (e.g. 2 drops per 10 ml).
  • Avoid continual repetitive use - not more than 4-5 days in any week, unless in severe circumstances or under the guidance of a healthcare professional.
  • Lavender should be avoided during pregnancy. 
For topical use: Blend with a carrier oil before applying to the skin, 5 drops per 10ml of carrier oil (i.e. almond, apricot, jojoba.)
For diffuser or vaporiser: Add 4-8 drops of essential oil as per instructions of device.

Skincare: Add 3 drops to Body Lotion and massage into skin before sleep. Repeat daily. 

Relaxation: Add 10 drops to the diffuser in the evening or in the bedroom. Repeat as required.

Cleaning: Add 10 drops to water when wiping benches or mopping floors.

Laundry fragrance: Add 5 drops to your wash. Repeat as required.
Lavandula hybrida ‘super’ (flower, distilled, certified organic, France)

Naturally occurring constituents: Linalool, Linalyl acetate, Camphor, 1,8-Cineol, Borneol, Lavandulyl acetate, Lavandulol.
  • Gentle fragrance
  • Support for relaxation
  • Use in cleaning

Absolute Essential Lavender Sweet (Organic) Review