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All Day Classic Period Brief (Black)

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AWWA All Day Classic Period Brief (Black) is the super heavy absorbency period proof underwear. AWWA All Day are made especially for heavy bleeders and hold up to 5 regular tampons/pads or 3 super tampons or pads.

  • Holding 36mls but with the same slim design as the regular AWWA styles.     
  • AWWA washable period undies mean less 'single use' waste, and less monthly cost for you!
  • Using a special super-effective absorbency layer AWWA underwear will keep you comfortable, fresh and dry all month long! 
Please see Period Underwear Size Chart:
AWWA underwear is made true to size. To ensure the leak proof technology does its job AWWA underwear fits slightly more snug than your regular underwear. 

The original cotton, and original Eva Brief hold and absorb up to 2 regular pads or tampons worth of flow. The only difference between them is the style - Eva brief has the nylon outer and wider waistband. Cotton sits slightly higher than the Eva Brief.
  • DO NOT use fabric softener as it prevents the moisture-wicking and anti-microbial technologies in your AWWA undies from working as effectively.
  • DO NOT use the drier as this can damage the delicate technology used in the underwear. A great way to dry the underwear during wet days is in the hot water cupboard.
Wear: Your AWWA underwear for as long as you would normally wear 5 regular tampons or pads.

How to clean:
Rinse your AWWA underwear and throw in the washing machine with your ordinary clothes. Put on another pair of AWWA underwear and go smash your day.
AWWA recommend rinsing by hand first until the water runs clear, then pop in a cold wash with your other clothes, and line dry.
Use a delicates bag if possible as this will help prolong the life of your underwear (and is how all under garments should be washed).
Organic cotton
Absorbent fibre blend
  • Perfect all day or all night option
  • World first super heavy flow period underwear
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Comfortable
  • Feel good

AWWA All Day Classic Period Brief (Black) Review