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Swim Recycled Period Proof Hi-Waist Bottoms

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AWWA Swim Recycled Period Proof Hi-Waist Bottoms is light absorbency swimwear. Use for protection during light periods, bladder leakage and discharge, or as a back up to a cup or tampon on heavier flow days. 

AWWA Period Proof bikini is quick dry UPF50+ nylon-spandex material in a stylish cut and is simple slip-on-and-go period care, just like our period underwear. Perfect for teens, and available in sizes XS to 3XL, so you can find your ideal fit!

How does period swimwear work?
  • The gusset contains two layers of innovative fabric
  • The outermost layer is formed of a waterproof material to stop leakage of menstrual blood
  • The top layer of the gusset is designed to lock in and absorb the menstrual blood effectively
  • This layer is able to wick the moisture from the skin, and also helps in fighting bacteria and preventing the development of odors
  • AWWA Ebony bikini is not only absorbent but also designed to dry quickly once you get out of the water
  • You may wear the bikini alone on your light period days or along with a tampon or a menstrual cup on your heavy period days
Swimming with your period is a breeze - don't miss out on beach fun this summer! 
  • It is recommend to first rinse by hand until the water runs clear, then pop in a cold wash with your other clothes, and line dry.
  • DO NOT use fabric softener as it prevents the moisture-wicking and anti-microbial technologies in your AWWA bikini bottoms from working as effectively.
  • DO NOT use the drier as this can damage the delicate technology used in the underwear. A great way to dry the underwear during wet days is in the hot water cupboard.
  • Use a delicates bag if possible as this will help prolong the life of your underwear (and is how all under garments should be washed).
Wear: Your AWWA swimwear for light periods, spotting or discharge, or as a back up to other menstrual products on your heavier days. 
After use rinse your AWWA swimwear and throw in the washing machine with your ordinary clothes (use a delicates bag if available).
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Period proof bikini
  • Light absorbency

AWWA Swim Recycled Period Proof Hi-Waist Bottoms Review