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Mindful Brand


Maca Root Certified Organic 800mg Capsules

200 vegecaps
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100% Wholefood Source
Synthetic Preservative Free
Palm Oil Free
GMO Free
Filler Free
Artificial Sweetener Free
Alcohol Free
Dairy Free
Sugar Free
Soy Free
Egg Free
GMP Manufactured
Good Ingredients Approved
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BioBalance Certified Organic Maca Root 800mg Capsules are a Peruvian “superfood” rich in amino acids, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Traditionally valued as a nutrient-rich endurance food, maca root supports natural strength, vitality, stamina and mental clarity.

Support For

  • Energy, endurance and vitality in both sexes
  • Healthy libido, fertility and hormonal balance
  • Menstrual and reproductive health
  • Immune system
  • Balanced blood glucose levels
  • All body systems in both men and women

Maca root has particular application for the endocrine system, working via the adrenal glands, thyroid and pancreas to support normal and balanced hormone regulation throughout the body. This adaptogenic action is the key to maca root’s support for energy and endurance. It has an affinity with the reproductive hormones, supporting libido, sexual function and fertility in both sexes.

This is a natural option during perimenopause, when erratic hormonal changes can be distressing. Unlike conventional HRT drugs, maca root doesn’t introduce any hormones to the body, which can effect long-term health. Instead it supports the normal range of hormone production and activity in the body. This way balance is restored for a smooth transition into menopause.

Maca root also supports adrenal function and natural restoration of adrenal hormone production during times of stress and fatigue.

The Peruvian tradition of cooking maca, a brassica vegetable, neutralises enzymes present in all raw brassica foods that interfere with thyroid function. BioBalance Certified Organic Maca Root is gelatinised. It is heated during the production process and ready to be consumed as it is. Maca root's tonic properties support and nourish every system of the body in both men and women.

This product is: AsureQuality Organically Certified Pure Maca. The best value certified organic Maca Root in NZ!






BioBalance有机认证玛卡胶囊严格按照新西兰食品安全局和良好生产规范的标准生产,采购经由“Asurequality Organic NZ”有机认证的秘鲁玛卡。纯天然的原材料加上严格的检测和生产标准保证了BioBalance有机认证玛卡胶囊的质量、疗效和安全性。


  • 提高精力和活力
  • 加强免疫力,提高身体各个机能
  • 经期健康和生育健康
  • 支持荷尔蒙平衡
  • 肾上腺、甲状腺和胰腺健康
  • 支持血糖平衡
  • 滋养全身系统,男女皆宜


100%有机认证秘鲁玛卡根粉 4000mg
其他成分: 素食胶囊


  • 始终阅读标签并按指示使用。
  • 补充均衡饮食。
  • 或按照医疗保健专业人士的指示。
  • 在干燥处储存在30度以下。
  • 请将本品放在儿童不能接触的地方。



基于新西兰得天独厚的自然环境创造出高品质价格合理的保健品,以满足挑剔的本地及国际市场。所有BioBalance产品都是严格按照新西兰食品安全局和良好生产规范的标准生产,BioBalance尽可能地采购经由“Asurequality Organic NZ”有机认证的产品。纯天然的原材料加上严格的检测和生产标准保证了所有BioBalance产品的质量、疗效和安全性。对高品质保健产品的这一承诺使得BioBalance成为全球受欢迎、被信赖的天然健康产品。

BioBalance产品每天销往新西兰各地和世界各地,包括伦致,东京,悉尼,洛杉矶,上海和首尔。BioBalance位于Golden Bay沿海地区,依偎在新西兰最著名的国家公园旁边,这里是纯净的原材料产地的核心地带。

認定オーガニック マカパウダー 800mg 200ベジカプセル





★★★★★ M(HealthPostスタッフ)
  • Always read the label and use as directed. 
  • Supplementary to a balanced diet. 
  • Or as directed by a healthcare professional. 
  • Store below 30ºC in a dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Not recommended during pregnancy.

Adults: Take 2-5 capsules daily.

Serving Size: 5 capsules
100% Peruvian Maca Root powder certified organic 4000mg

Also contains: Vegetarian capsules.

BioBalance Certified Organic Maca Root is gelatinised. It is heated during the production process so it is ready to be consumed as it is.

  • Energy, endurance & vitality in both sexes
  • Healthy libido, fertility & hormonal balance
  • Menstrual & reproductive health
  • Balanced blood glucose levels
  • All body systems in both men & women
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What other customers think


4 out of 5
(Out of 59 Total Reviews)
Write a review

Katrina Martin
17-10-2021 11:43:26
Reduced HRT symptoms for me
17-10-2021 11:43:26
Before coming off HRT, I started taking 2 x capsules a day. Now that I am completely off HRT I find I have to take 4 x tablets in the morning. It has greatly reduced my hot flushes, mood swings and the swelling and pain in my breasts has reduced significantly. I would highly recommend for menopausal or post menopausal women. Alleviates the brain fog too! I wouldn’t be without them.

15-10-2021 14:46:15
Amazing product
15-10-2021 14:46:15
Awesome product. Has really helped with my hormones and energy. Will definitely be purchasing again!

23-07-2021 16:03:01
Love these
23-07-2021 16:03:01
Definite libido increase!! Highly recommend

25-10-2020 20:23:45
25-10-2020 20:23:45
Something we take all the time. Definitely worth trying. This is the one that works for us.

18-10-2020 08:18:28
Wish I had tried these earlier
18-10-2020 08:18:28
I was abit of a skeptic, but after taking these for 3 weeks I really notice the days I don't take them. I started on two a day, then built up to 3, now I'm taking 4. I feel a steady stream of energy, less stress, mentally sharp - if this wasn't good enough my sleep really improves on these. I'm hoping they will help my hormones as well but a little early. I will continue to take this pills.

01-10-2020 08:25:55
Great relief!
01-10-2020 08:25:55
My partner and I are on our second container of this magical stuff, each taking 4 tablets a day. I have had a huge change with my menopause symptoms. Hot flushes reduced immensely, mood swings basically gone, more energy and better focus each day. My partner has noticed a good change in energy levels too. Highly recommend trying these.

27-09-2020 15:35:39
Too potent for me but fine for my partner.
27-09-2020 15:35:39
I've been taking Maca powder in smoothies for ages. I decided to try these tablets but unfortunately that made me queasy. I played around with the amount I was taking and even tried half a capsules worth, but they made me feel sick and gave me a headache. My partner now takes them and takes 5 a day without any problem! He thinks they are helping him think clearer and giving him energy.

22-11-2019 19:30:13
Thank goodness
22-11-2019 19:30:13
Love this product. Has made a big difference in how I\'m feeling everyday plus I\'m way more chilled during that time of the month

14-09-2019 19:30:12
Feeling Normal Again
14-09-2019 19:30:12
Never had a hot flash then suddenly it hit me like nothing else in my life. I went from nothing to feeling like someone kept opening the oven door in my face in 200 degree forced fan oven heat. The worst thing was that the frequency kept increasing and after a month I averaged 6 hot flashes per hour every hour, all day long. So around 140 a day. I\'d never heard of anyone experiencing this level before. It was debilitating, I couldn\'t sleep, I felt my emotions all out of whack. I teach so you can imagine my embarrassment when in the middle of speaking to my class my face would go as bright red as a tomato for 2 minutes followed by sweat dripping down my face. When I read that this could go on for years I thought I\'d never last. So looking feverishly (pardon the pun) for a solution I came across this product. This is my second day of taking 5 tablets and already the flushes have reduced from 6 infernos per hour to 1 mild episode per hour which feels more like someone rolling down a car window with a slight warm breeze. My face only goes a pinkish color in the cheeks with a few sweat beads. Something I can live with and that\'s not too attention getting. If this is only my second day I\'m sure a week will have me almost back to normal. I don\'t usually post reviews but this has been a lifesaver. If you\'re suffering, give this a go. I highly recommend it!
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