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Mindful Brand


Pure Slippery Elm Powder

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Pregnancy / Breastfeeding Friendly
Synthetic Preservative Free
Palm Oil Free
GMO Free
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Artificial Sweetener Free
Alcohol Free
Dairy Free
Sugar Free
Egg Free
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BioBalance Certified Organic Slippery Elm Powder supports healthy digestion and bowel regularity.

Support For

  • Healthy digestive system
  • Detox and bowel regularity
  • Health of urinary & respiratory tract

This traditional herbal remedy was used by Native Americans and early American settlers to relieve gastrointestinal complaints. The inner bark of the slippery elm tree is rich in mucilage. When combined with water, it creates a slippery, nutrient-rich substance that coats the respiratory and digestive tract, soothing and clearing it of accumulated toxins. BioBalance Certified Organic Slippery Elm can be used to support bowel regularity as the mucilage swells in the intestine, which helps initiate bowel movements

スリッパリー エルム パウダー 250g



1回につき、小さじ1~2杯のスリッパリー エルム パウダーを 




★★★★★ M(HealthPostスタッフ)
”スリッパリー=滑りやすい?” 随分前から「気になる存在」だったんですが、樹皮?とろみ???と謎が多いため「まぁ、いつの日か飲んでみよう・・」と思いつつそのまま過ごしてきました。長時間のPC作業のせいか、近頃どうもお通じがすっきりしないわぁ・・・と思っていた矢先、BioBalance「スリッパリー・エルム」日本語版販売開始!となり、ナイスタイミング。いよいよ自身もスリッパリーを試してみることに!


  • Always read the label and use as directed. 
  • Supplementary to a balanced diet. 
  • Or as directed by a healthcare professional. 
  • Store below 30°C in a dry place. 
  • Keep out of reach of children.

TAPS Code: PP7914

Adults: Mix 1-2 teaspoons in a glass with water or juice up to three times a day. Always drink plenty of water when using BioBalance Certified Organic Slippery Elm.

Ingredients per serving:

Certified Organic Slippery Elm 2000mg

No added: sweetners or flavourings.

Dairy Free & Gluten Free.

  • Healthy digestive system
  • Detox and bowel regularity
  • Health of urinary & respiratory tract

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4 out of 5
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20-04-2021 13:59:55
Very gritty
20-04-2021 13:59:55
This slippery elm does not mix properly for me , very gritty compared to Lotus brand and othe brands. They form a nice gel but not this

13-08-2020 00:39:23
Opposite Experience
13-08-2020 00:39:23
I have been using slippery elm for a few months for gut health and had the lotus brand which funnily enough I couldn't get to mix at all and wasn't very pleasent to swallow down in large slimy chunks. I decided to give Biobalance a go and have found it mixes much more evenly with water especially if I add a little water at a time. Unsure how I feel about slipper elm overall, its not my favourite thing to take that's for sure.

Graeme Hanlen
25-07-2020 19:59:35
The Best
25-07-2020 19:59:35
The best slippery elm I have ever used, over 40 years too. Good price, good product, good results. I use a heaped teaspoon, plus a teaspoon of ginger powder mixed in coconut milk and topped up with hot water. Terrific drink in the cold weather.

Karin Roehling
03-06-2020 15:53:50
slippery elm critique from another customer
03-06-2020 15:53:50
The other quite negative review might be a fluke? Mine does all the other customer described she wished her powder would do, ie it becomes gluggy and tastes nice, kind of powdery-nutty. Mine does just that and I use a tea spoon in a cup of water only.

26-05-2020 18:05:32
26-05-2020 18:05:32
Great quality for small price

Meryle hawkins
22-09-2019 19:30:08
Slippery elm
22-09-2019 19:30:08
I have IBS and this is the one thing that helps the most

John Gore
08-08-2019 19:30:10
Slippery Elm
08-08-2019 19:30:10
I have been using Slippery Elm for a while, and find the Bio Balance variety easily the best one, very happy with it.

27-06-2019 19:30:09
Not good
27-06-2019 19:30:09
There is something wrong with this slippery elm. I have used elm for 30 years and it always mixes into a mucilage (a slippery \"mucousy\" mix) and it should always thicken. This never does - no matter how much you put in a cup. Also slippery elm is not gritty - it is smooth and slippery. The Lotus brand is far far superior to this brand. I would never buy it it tastes and feels yuk in the mouth. I usually utterly love the stuff\nSuper disappointing...I wont use it.

Lolita Edwards
22-06-2019 19:30:15
A daily dose.
22-06-2019 19:30:15
I find Slippery Elm is great for putting a lining on the gut and intestines. A heaped teaspoon full mixed with water and a little fruit juice makes it very palatable and then I am able to eat the thick mixture.
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