Quail Eggs for Allergies

When you think about support with allergies you might think of vitamin C or probiotics, but quail eggs probably not. Yet studies have shown that quail egg can indeed support the symptoms of allergy.

How would you find out that quail eggs could help in this area? Interest first developed in the 1970's when a French doctor noticed that the quail farmers in the area suffered significantly less allergy symptoms than other local residents. He began experimenting by giving eggs to his allergy sufferers, with positive results. These observations were further followed up by a renowned allergist, Dr Bruttmann. Since then several studies have been carried out to show that it is the protein in quail eggs that helps ease the symptoms of sneezing, runny nose and itchy watering eyes that affect those suffering from allergies.

So how does this special quail egg protein work to ease these symptoms?

To understand this we need to know how airborne allergies affect us. Some people may have seasonal allergies where they react to pollens and spores from plants or trees that flower or seed at that time of year. Other unfortunate souls suffer from allergies all year round from other inhaled substances such as dust or animal dander. Either way the mechanism of how this affects us is still the same.

The process starts when the nose inhales the reactive substance known as an allergen e.g. pollen, pet dander. These allergens release an enzyme that affects the cells in the nasal cavity leading to a series of reactions in the body driven by the immune system that perceives the allergen as a foreign invader. The end result is the body releasing inflammatory chemicals, which ultimately lead to the irritation we experience in the nose and eyes.

Where quail eggs can help is through their special ovomucoid proteins. These proteins work by blocking the enzymes from the inhaled allergens, which stops our body from reacting to them. Very simple, but very effective.

By Jane Cronin

Clinicians Naturopath

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