​Strengthening Your Immune System with Traditional Plant Therapeutics

The first written record of the use of medicinal plants is from over 5,000 years ago, clearly long before the development of any modern pharmaceuticals.

People utilised selected plants over the centuries to support their vital defence mechanisms and to protect from the most feared infections, such as the plague. In traditional systems of healthcare there is a common understanding that prevention is the key to protect from harmful ills.

Building a strong immune system

Building a strong and efficient immune system underpins your health. The immune system is an incredibly intricate network of specialized cells that prevents pathogens entering your system and enables their removal if they do.Traditional plant therapeutics go beyond nutrition in that they have active constituents that balance and strengthen the organs that help your body to function optimally.

If your immune system is under performing (e.g. due to lack of sleep, poor nutrition, dehydration, stress) and something has slipped past your defences, then these specific plants support recovery. Prevention is better than cure and it pays to boost your immune defence daily with immune strengthening plants such as Thyme and Echinacea.

Traditional plant therapeutics

The best traditional plant remedies use whole plant extracts and combine synergistically acting plants together to make formulations that have multiple strengthening effects on the body. They retain the active ingredients in their natural state and help to support the body’s natural defenses as well as supporting the body when feeling unwell healthy immune responses. It is important that the quality of plants comply with pharmacopoeia standards to guarantee their effectiveness.

Let’s take our Central Otago Thyme for example: Thyme is rich in antioxidants, and antiseptics. These are the plants’ natural defenses, helping them to survive in the harshest alpine conditions. They are the plants’ own defense mechanism and when consumed, these defense properties are passed on to us. These benefits are even more effective when traditional remedies are consumed on a daily basis.

Echinacea is one of the most prevalent plants used in traditional healthcare to support healthy immune function. Not only is it diverse in phytochemicals but Echinacea supports immunity at a cellular level, supporting the natural multiplication of white cells, and is one of the most renowned herbs used when the upper respiratory tract needs extra strength.

The use of traditional plant therapeutics has been gaining momentum in recent years, becoming a preferred choice for many. Artemis draws on proven traditions and scientifically researched evidence to create traditional European plant remedies that have stood the test of time and are well tolerated.

The Artemis range includes herbal medicines in a number of traditional forms, from targeted specialty tea blends to skin oils and creams and liquid herbs. Shop their range online now.

Author: Sandra Clair, M.A., Post. Grad. Dip. Health Science, PhD Candidate, UC Alumni Ambassador, Founder Director, Artemis®

TAPS: PP3679

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