The Benefits of Liposomal Vitamin C

Did you know that human beings are among only a handful of animal species that cannot produce their own supply of Vitamin C?

Vitamin C, being a water-soluble nutrient, is constantly moved out of the body if it isn’t being used, so regular intake of foods rich in Vitamin C is essential to health, as discovered by sailors a few hundred years ago. The stresses of the modern day can mean that more Vitamin C is being needed, so increasing our consumption is important, when this powerful nutrient is used by so many different parts of the body and has many important jobs.

There are many types of Vitamin C supplements available, but Liposomal Vitamin C is the first choice of people who really understand bio-availability and the importance of high-dose vitamin C. So what sets Liposomal Vitamin C apart from other forms of vitamin C that we may be taking to help boost our health? Firstly, all other forms of vitamin C come up against an absorption barrier that vastly limits the level of vitamin C that can enter the bloodstream. The large amount of vitamin C that doesn’t get absorbed, gets flushed. However, Liposomal Vitamin C effectively slips across the intestinal wall and into the blood.

This type of Vitamin C also doesn’t get broken down until it actually reaches the part of the body that needs it most. That’s because it is able to completely bypass the restrictions of the transport system that radically limits the bio-availability of all non-liposome forms of vitamin C.  Recent clinical trials suggest that Liposomal Vitamin C is able to produce serum levels of vitamin C nearly double those thought theoretically possible with any oral form of vitamin C.

Traditional forms of Vitamin C severely limit the amount you can take orally. If you take more than 1 or 2 grams of traditional Vitamin C, the ascorbic acid in the intestines will cause gastric distress including gas, cramps, and diarrhoea. Much of the Vitamin C will be eliminated in loose stool and in the urine. A very small percentage (as little as 12%) of ordinary Vitamin C actually gets absorbed into the bloodstream. The human digestive system was never designed to digest large doses of Vitamin C in any form orally!

However, Liposomal Vitamin C allows you to take Vitamin C orally, bypass the digestive system and deliver it fresh and intact into the bloodstream. Utilizing “Liposomal Encapsulation Technology”(LET), it radically changes the way Vitamin C is delivered to the bloodstream.

There is almost no system, organ, gland or cell in your body which does not potentially derive great benefit from an optimal supply of Vitamin C.  If dietary Vitamin C intake is inadequate, all may be greatly strengthened by supplementation with a non-degraded Vitamin C such as Liposomal Vitamin C.

Article by Renée Leonard-Stainton, Naturopath & Nutritionist

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