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Hand creams have never been so important – especially with all the extra hand washing and sanitising going on as of late! Although our hands can handle quite a bit of work, harsh cleaning products, and alcohol containing sanitisers can compromise the skins natural barrier over time, leading to dry skin and sometimes progressing to uncomfortable skin concerns.

A skincare routine for your hands is not only supportive of healthy, happy hands, it can also be a relaxing way to add in some stress busting self-care. The best hand creams feel a little bit luxurious to use, so what are you waiting for? Let’s find one that your fingers will love.

When should I use a hand cream?

The best times to use a hand cream are after washing up, after using  sanitisers, during the drier winter months, just before bed for overnight hydration, and as a barrier before gardening or other work.

  • Place a hand cream next to your keyboard at work to prompt you to use throughout your workday
  • Keep a hydrating hand lotion in your handbag to use while out and about
  • Add a pump bottle of hand cream at your bathroom and kitchen sink for quick moisturisation after washing up

Tip: Keep your hand cream visible so that you remember to use it - it can be easy to forget your hard-working hands as you go about your busy day.

The benefits of using a natural hand cream

Using a hand cream can keep the skin on your hands soft and nourished. What your hands encounter on a day-to-day basis will determine which kind of hand cream will work best for you. Your hands can look forward to:

  • Pausing for a refreshing ‘hand break’ during your workday
  • Re-hydration after cleaning or washing
  • Nourishment for dry or cracked skin
  • Softened cuticles before a manicure
  • Conditioned and healthy nail growth
  • A natural barrier before gardening or doing handy work
  • Skin rejuvenation for youthful plump skin

Nail and Cuticle Care

Your nails and cuticles are the other big winners from daily hand cream use. Hand creams with natural oils are especially supportive and can be used to maintain your paws between manicures. Massage a little into your cuticles and gently push them back twice a week. After shaping your nails, add a lick of colour with your favourite natural nail polish.

Nourishing DIY Hand Mask

If your hands need some serious love, why not try an overnight hand mask? Your hands will thank you for it! You will need:

  • A hydrating hand cream
  • A thick barrier cream like this Black Chicken Remedies Balm or coconut oil
  • A pair of gloves made from breathable fibres like cotton or bamboo (you can get these from the garden centre)

Before bed, simply apply a generous amount of your hydrating hand cream, then a thick layer of barrier cream or coconut oil. If you don’t have a barrier cream, use an extra layer of your hand cream. Pop on the gloves to protect your sheets, and let the mask work its magic while you sleep.

For dry, scratchy, or bumpy skin concerns

You’re probably wondering, what’s the best eczema cream? If you are wanting to soothe and calm down angry skin, it’s best to choose a cream over a balm for the first phase of your home care – however this is not a hard and fast rule, some balms have very supportive herbal extracts and essential oils which could be suitable for you.

If your hands are just a little chapped, your hand cream for dry hands should contain hydrating and nourishing ingredients, alongside providing an oil-based barrier to lock the moisture in.

An important part of your home care is to work out what’s triggering your dry, scratchy, or bumpy skin – and then address them. Here are some common things to look out for:

  • Check your hand soap – is it SLS or sodium laurel sulphate free? Harsh surfactants in many household and personal care products can be a trigger for many people
  • Are you fully drying your hands after washing them? What about under your rings? Damp, warm skin can become a breeding ground for opportunistic bugs
  • Is your current hand cream making things worse? Some ingredients in moisturisers may not agree with your skin. Have a look at our favourite natural and organic hand creams below

You may find that you need a different hand cream in the summer (light and hydrating) to the winter (thick and nourishing). Let’s have a look at some of our best hand creams. 

Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream

Antioxidant rich: Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream

This  antioxidant rich hand cream from Trilogy has been formulated to look after the skin on your hands in so many ways, it hydrates, soothes, softens, and provides a light barrier against the elements. This is one of the best fast absorbing hand creams for daily use on the go. The antioxidants work hard to rejuvenate the skin and prevent oxidative stress.

  • Absorbed quickly for optimal hydration
  • Antioxidants for youthful skin
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Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin Hand Cream

Sensitive skin: Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin Hand Cream

If your natural skin barrier on has been compromised, you may notice an uncomfortable health concern develop – and at this point you may need to use a sensitive hand cream. This can soothe while at the same time providing a layer of defence to support the natural process of skin regeneration.  Weleda has something for everyone with their sensitive skin hand cream. Although this hand cream is fragranced with essential oils, it has been dermatologically tested to be just as gentle as even the best unscented hand cream.

  • Mild formula that’s pH balanced
  • Gently addresses skin tightness
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Weleda Citrus Hand and Nail Cream

Nails and cuticles: Weleda Citrus Hand and Nail Cream

Enjoy an invigorating home manicure – with Weleda’s Citrus Hand and Nail Cream. Prepare your cuticles by massaging this cream in before pushing them back. Use again after shaping to add a shine and provide a barrier to your natural nails before washing up or soaking in a hot spa.

  • Supports the growth and health of nails
  • Nourishes chapped or dry skin
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Essano Rosehip Nourishing Hand Creme

Thick and rich: Essano Rosehip Nourishing Hand Creme

This wonderful cream by Essano is loaded with goodies like organic rosehip oil, jojoba oil and shea butter to nourish and revitalise happy hands.

Not only does it moisturise and soothe - it supports against elements and dryness that can result from frequent hand washing. This is a great one to keep in your handbag for on-the-go.

  • Deeply hydrates
  • Non-greasy formula
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Dr Hauschka Hydrating Hand Cream

Regenerating for healthy skin: Dr Hauschka Hydrating Hand Cream

Expertly crafted by  Dr Hauschka – a premium range of natural skincare for the most discerning among us. This gorgeous anti-aging hand cream contains a unique plant called Bryophyllium – which has been used traditionally for many years to support skin concerns. It is known as the ‘miracle leaf’ – as it soothes and supports the natural healing process of the skin.

  • Ultra-hydrating for hands, wrists, and elbows
  • Can be used on broken, dry, or chapped skin
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Black Chicken Remedies Balm of Ages

As a barrier balm: Black Chicken Remedies Balm of Ages

For a super thick barrier balm, we like the Balm of Ages from  Black Chicken Remedies. It is an all-purpose balm, that provides a rich layer of essential oil-infused balm to your skin. The expertly blended essential oils impart a pleasant aroma, while also addressing unwanted fungi and bacteria on the skin. This balm is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin – use it as a second skin to give your skin a chance to regenerate after a hard day’s work.

  • Ideal for use as an overnight hand mask (see DIY hand mask instructions above)
  • Use as a barrier balm before gardening or washing up
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Aotearoad Moisturising Stick

Sustainable packaging: Aotearoad Moisturising Stick

This all over body cream comes in a compostable tube, suitable for keeping at the office for a little hand self-care throughout the day. We love the innovative packaging from Aotearoad, which is ideal for those looking for a sustainable choice. The solid product softens when placed on the skin, then glides effortlessly to provide a lush and nourishing experience. If you’re wanting to support the skin on your hands while out in the sun, be sure to check out their Pina Colada and Zinc.

  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • 5 heavenly scents to choose from
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Which hand cream will you choose?

You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to organic hand creams at HealthPost. We hope we’ve helped you a little to find the best hand cream for your needs. The great news is that you don’t need to decide on just one - grab one for home, your handbag, and your desk, so that you have one on hand wherever you are. If you are looking for a gift for a friend or loved one, a hand cream is the perfect little something to give along with a card.

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