This Cleanser Won And This Is How To Use It

When it comes to your skincare routine, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest buzzwords, new products, trends and ‘beauty hacks’. But navigating all the exciting extras means you might be skipping over one of the most basic and important steps – cleansing.

Why is cleansing so important?

Cleansing is a step that should never be skipped. Not only does it remove your makeup and sunscreen, it also cleanses the skin of grime and environmental pollutants. More than that, it also prepares your skin for the rest of your skincare, creating an absorbent canvas for all the serums and moisturisers you’ll nourish your skin with.

Why use an oil cleanser?

This question is often asked by those with oily or breakout prone skin. Add even more oil? No way!

But here’s the thing: While removing the dirty oils from the skin, a traditional cleanser can also strip your skin of its healthy, protective oils. And in doing so, your skin works harder to produce oil to replace those its lost, resulting in… you guessed it – oily skin.

On the other hand, oil cleansers bind to the dirty oils and impurities in your skin, drawing them out and replacing them with nutritious oils. That’s why oil cleansing encourages the skin to regulate oil production for more balanced skin.

Tailor’s Oil Cleanse is the 2020 Best of Natural Awards winner of Best Cleanser, described as "perfect for removing eye make-up as it’s light on the skin and non-irritating, with a nourishing finish and subtle scent." It ticks all the boxes for our Ethical by Nature Promise, meaning it has been carefully checked to meet our bar-raising standards. What's more, it contains no greenwashing or animal testing - and has eco-friendly packaging. What’s not to love?!

Remove the oil cleanser with a warm, wet face cloth. Avoid those made from stiff or rough fabrics that can irritate the skin. Instead opt for a super soft and gentle face cloth like the Tailor Towel which helps to remove any makeup or oily residue.

Will oil cleansing cause breakouts?

When adding an oil cleanser to your routine, your skin may go through a ‘purge stage’ for one to two weeks. Before you write off oil cleansers, this is a good sign! The cleanser is deeply cleansing underlying skin congestion and expelling it through the skin. Once your skin is more balanced, you’ll notice your complexion will look clearer and less congested.

Is double cleansing necessary?

A relatively new ‘skincare must-do’, many swear by double cleansing. While your oil cleanser does an amazing job or removing makeup and grime, you may want to follow up with a scrub for deeper cleansing. To avoid stripping your acid mantle, follow up with a gentle exfoliant.

Tailor’s Polish, the 2020 Best of Natural Awards winner of Best Scrub, is the perfect compliment to Oil Cleanse. Created with bentonite clay and salicylic acid, it works to quickly absorb any left-over oils, deeply cleanse and remove dead skin cells.

Lock it in

Now you’ve got a nice clean canvas to work with, go ahead and add all your extras like Tailor’s probiotic serum Renew and Vitamin C glow powder Gold Dust. Lock in hydration and protect your skin with a lightweight moisturiser like Tailor Moisture. Voila!

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