Antipodes share why manuka honey is one of their favourite skin care ingredients.

The buzz about honey has been around for centuries. The earliest record of functional honey use dates all the way back to 2000 B.C, with the sweet stuff being used by Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Hindu, and Chinese cultures for all manner of things.

Fast forward to the 21st century and  honey is beloved worldwide. There is, however, one type that rises above the rest: manuka honey. This incredible, edible substance well and truly deserves its title of “superfood” – and not just because it tastes great on your toast. It has a host of benefits for your health and for your skin, leading some to call it the “Queen of Honey” - our very own Manuka Honey.

What is manuka honey – and where does it come from?

New Zealand’s lush, biodiverse coastal areas are hiding a sweet secret. World-famous manuka honey is found only in Aotearoa, sourced from hard-working bees who collect nectar from the manuka tree. The bees go to great lengths to find this nectar, as manuka honey grows in wild locations around the New Zealand coastline, often in rugged terrain. Distinct for its pretty pink and white flowers, it has impressive qualities for the skin.

What are the benefits of manuka honey?

When applied topically,  manuka honey delivers potent health benefits for skin. But for those of us who don’t fancy smearing a jar of sticky honey across our visage, there’s good news. This sweet superfood is a key ingredient in Antipodes’ range of certified vegetarian skincare. We use manuka honey because it’s a 100% natural ingredient that is entirely free from synthetic and toxic nasties – and it’s genuinely effective.

Here are just some of the reason why we at  Antipodes call manuka honey “liquid gold” for your brightest skin ever.

1: It’s natural

Manuka honey is sourced direct from New Zealand’s lush environment, needing no additives to deliver potent benefits for skin health. To ensure the quality and authenticity of our premium manuka honey, Antipodes partners with the responsible beekeepers at Watson & Son – a New Zealand company that shares our values of sustainability, quality, and science.

Watson & Son owns over 40,000 hives throughout New Zealand’s North Island. They use sustainable practices to harvest their manuka honey from areas with very dense manuka trees, often in remote areas that are difficult to reach. Each hive is carefully placed to ensure honeybees draw from only the best manuka-only areas.

Watson & Son care very much about the health of their bees and the purity of their honey. They follow a strict hive management system that monitors every detail – from the materials and foundations of the beehive, to feeding the bees and protecting them from pests and disease.

When the frames in the hive boxes are full, they go through a machine that shakes them gently to release the honey. The honey is then filtered to ensure it is as pure as possible.

2: It can help soothe blemishes

Manuka honey isn’t just for your toast or tea. Anyone suffering from an unwanted breakout should read up on manuka honey before trying chemical solutions. Blemished skin is generally inflamed, and harsh synthetic ingredients can exaggerate this even further. Manuka honey's properties help soothe irritated skin, reducing the appearance of redness and unwanted blemishes. Manuka honey is a must-have for oily and blemished skin, but it can deliver benefits to any skin type.

3: It promotes youthful, glowing skin

Manuka honey is excellent for dry or dehydrated skin because it’s deeply moisturising. The reason? This special honey is a natural humectant, which means it traps moisture within the skin, helping it retain its natural hydration. To revitalise a dull complexion, look for manuka honey in your face cream or moisturiser..

This New Zealand superfood can provide anti-aging benefits in skincare. It contains vitamins, and antioxidants – the molecules that help protect against free radicals that can help speed the signs of aging. When used in skincare, manuka honey delivers a dose of nutrients that keep your complexion looking youthful and fresh.

4: It helps build a healthy skincare routine

Building a routine based around manuka honey is an excellent way to deliver nourishment to your skin – especially if you have blemished or oily skin.  “We get thanked every day by people around the world who have experienced dramatic improvements after using our manuka honey skincare range and who adore the feeling of freshness these products bestow upon their skin,” says Elizabeth Barbalich, Antipodes founder and CEO.

For us, manuka products are essential. Our skincare regime is simple, but effective. Each morning, moisturise with Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Light Day Cream. Thanks to the manuka honey, this moisturiser is terrifically soothing and keeps skin hydrated all day.

No routine is complete without an eye cream, we love Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Eye Cream. This is a light yet rich formulation with the revolutionary skin-brightening extract Vinanza® Grape & Kiwi to chase away dark circles.

Once a week, you may like to apply a manuka honey mask to give your skin an intense dose of hydration (and to have some much needed Me Time). Aura Manuka Honey Mask makes skin feel soft and fresh. It's super soothing if you've had a few too many late nights, and an effective spot treatment for the odd blemish.

So there you have it.  Manuka honey has so many benefits for healthy skin, it's no secret why it's adored all over the world. Applied topically, or used in skincare, it’s truly an ingredient like no other. Liquid gold for your brightest skin ever.

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