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BioTrace is a natural health product manufacturer and naturopathic clinic based in Auckland. Their products are created and sourced based on research and clinical results.

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BioTrace prides itself on manufacturing and sourcing products that are produced ethically and with the utmost quality and integrity. Their preference for liquids and capsules reflects the underlying philosophy to ‘do no harm’, thus avoiding potentially toxic fillers, binders and ‘tableting aids’.

BioTrace makes nutritional supplements from food-based ingredients wherever possible and their popular Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) and Elemental Minerals are ionic and thus highly bio-available (well-absorbed).

Product Reviews

  • Fantastic


    I’ve had this product for 2years plus, and wouldn’t swap it for another, albeit it is expensive, it’s worth it.
    It’s gentle on the stomach too.
    Highly recommend.



  • Best probiotics ever


    As someone who has really struggled with gut health and tried many different probiotics... this one for sure has by far been the best! It has a slow release so the capsule doesn’t dissolve until it is in your gut! I have heard that other probiotics get destroyed by our stomach acids. So in my opinion I feel this one has far more benefits and my gut has been in tip top shape since having these tablets! Definitely my favourite! Worth every cent!



  • Does not help with sleep issues


    I prefer to take my magnesium supplements at night as I find that helps me have a better night sleep. After switching to this brand and type of magnesium I have found that my sleep was less restful. Also my muscle pain has started to return. Maybe I need to up the dose but at $50 for 60 capsules its not the most cost effective option.



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