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Sleep Drops

The brainchild of naturopath and medical herbalist Kirsten Taylor, Sleep Drops is a range of carefully formulated products designed to aid in and support a restful night’s sleep. Combining herbal medicine with homoeopathy and flower essences, the range has products for a variety of ages and needs

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Sleep Drops

With thousands of people suffering sleep disorders, and poor sleep affecting the health of millions of people around the world, it’s no wonder so many people are looking for natural ways to support their bodies in achieving sufficient rest. Having seen the impact lack of sleep can have on a person’s wellbeing, Sleep Drops is a company with sleep on their mind. Their carefully formulated range was born of a need for a product that is safe and effective in supporting a restful night’s sleep; a need that became obvious to naturopath and founder Kirsten Taylor in her years of clinical practice.

Sleep Drops are a naturopathic product designed to support liver function, the nervous system, and energy levels while you sleep.

Who can use Sleep Drops

The Sleep Drops range includes products for babies, kids and adults, and includes specialist products for more particular requirements such as menopause.

Sleep Drops Sleep Nutrients is a targeted formula to support proper nervous system function and support, which may support relaxation in the body and assist with adequate sleep, showing this company truly is holistic in its approach to this most tiresome affliction.

Product Reviews

  • Awesome find


    These really do work. I take them every night and they work most of the time. If I'm having an extra rough night, I take some more when I wake up in the night.
    They help me have a deep sleep, and my wife tells me I'm snoring less - so that can only be a good thing.



  • The only product that works for me


    I have been using these drops for the last three months and they are fabulous. They don't make you groggy or 'knock you out' but they help you fall into a deep sleep.
    I used to wake up in the night for a few hours at a time, now I wake up and fall back to sleep more easily. If I'm having a rough night, I take some more drops in the middle of the night.



  • Works well


    I was skeptical as to whether these would do much, however, I find them very effective. Almost too effective at times, and I also purchased the Revive drops to help lift the morning fog left from these drops. The sleep drops have allowed me to sleep through very windy nights without waking to every little noise, as well as other things that usually disturb my sleep. They help in quieting that annoying 2am "wide awake" moment where my brain just won't shut-up. Now, instead of being awake till 5min before the alarm, these drops just slow everything down so I can ignore the grand plans my brain is making and get back to sleep.



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