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Colloidal Health Solutions

The Silver Solution - colloidal silver

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The Silver Solution technique results in a crystal clear, high energy, high quality, Ionic-Colloidal Silver that has benefited thousands of New Zealanders with not a single reported negative reaction in 20 years of manufacturing.

  • Don't let sickness keep you down
  • Colloidal Silver has been used successfully as a natural support to the body's immune system for over thirty years and has a growing worldwide consumer following.

Who should take The Silver Solution®?

  • Anyone who is struggling with their health.
  • Those wanting to support the body's natural immunity and defences.
  • Those wanting support for the body cope with the winter ills and chills and with the immune defences in the eyes, nose and mouth.

  • Not recommended in pregnancy or during breastfeeding, or for those with neurological or kidney disease or seizures.  Colloidal silver may reduce the effectiveness of certain antibiotic and thyroid medications
  • Do not store in direct sunlight, near a magnetic field or in a refrigerator.
  • Not to be taken if one has a known allergic reaction to any of the ingredients.
  • Always read the label. Use only as directed.
  • Keep all medications and supplements out of reach of children.
  • If symptoms persist see your health professional.
  • Do not use if cap and/or bottle seals are missing or broken. 
  • HealthPost do not recommend prolonged or excessive internal use of Colloidal Silver as it may accumulate in the body over time and may lead to the development of a skin condition called argyria.   Particular caution should be exercised in use with infants and children.  Please use with care and don’t exceed the recommended dosage.

Drink: As required or take sublingually (under the tongue) additionally it can be sprayed.

Special directions: For best results take colloidal silver straight without mixing with juice other additives.

Dosage: Follow the instructions on the label (10-20mls per day) or as directed by your health professional. For a powerful boost 100ml, twice per day maybe taken but not recommended for more than 2-3 days, if taking large dosages drink extra water, however not at the same time as the colloidal silver - unless you are wanting to get the colloidal silver further down your small intestine, if this is the case then also supplement with a pro-biotic (eg natural yoghurt).

Frequency: Take Colloidal Silver daily or as required.

Pure De-ionised water
10mg/L (10ppm) of Pure Silver
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Gentle, easy-to-drink, high-quality dietary supplement.
  • Supports your natural immunity

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27-06-2020 20:30:06
So relieved to find a solution to utis.
27-06-2020 20:30:06
I've had a long history of recurrent uti's, even ending up in hospital one time with a kidney infection. I've been single for years, so not had issues (other women will know what I mean!), but now I have a partner, it's the time when utis would normally start ruining my life and my health. I don't want to go on low dose daily antibiotics. I've been taking 2 JP-X capsules 3x a day, the Clinicians bladder support powder (d-mannose) several times a day, and the clinicians flora restore capsules. I'm also going to try using the kolorex intimate care wash, and cream, as these are meant to balance flora, which in turn protects against utis. Lastly, a couple of sprays of colloidal silver on the area around the opening of the urethra, before and after bedroom activity (along with good general hygiene, and peeing after bedroom activities), and I haven't had a uti for 3 weeks (ever since I've started this regime). When I've started symptoms, I've taken extra supplements (as above) and come right. Interestingly, I find cranberry tablets, and high dose vit c, irritate my bladder. I'm going to experiment with the dosages, now that I know these supplement work, as they are a bit pricey for me. I can't emphasise enough, how life changing it is for me for me not to worry about utis. The fear of utis is a real mood killer.

14-03-2018 19:22:17
14-03-2018 19:22:17
excellent product - very good for sore throats, colds - always have an extra bottle around in case family want it.

25-01-2017 15:35:50
Great Product
25-01-2017 15:35:50
Been ordering this products for a few years now. Helps with healing.

25-06-2013 20:28:55
I am taking Colloidal silver to hel...
25-06-2013 20:28:55
I am taking Colloidal silver to help fight off Candida overgrowth and build my immune system. While the rest of the family have been fighting colds I haven't had one this winter. My Candida is also weakening according to tests.

18-05-2013 15:04:31
Great product. My Mum takes it int...
18-05-2013 15:04:31
Great product. My Mum takes it internally regularly to help support her immune system. She hasn't had a cold since!

15-05-2013 13:27:52
I have used this product for years,...
15-05-2013 13:27:52
I have used this product for years, have also recommended it to members of my family.I call this my magic cure for anything from sore throats, infections, candida (yeast infection), upset stomach.Colloidal Silver is one of the best natural antibiotics for many health applications and it is safer and cheaper than any other medicine I have use.

08-01-2013 18:06:11
Brilliant product, kept us healthy ...
08-01-2013 18:06:11
Brilliant product, kept us healthy this winter!

20-05-2010 20:00:15
Great product. Has helped infection...
20-05-2010 20:00:15
Great product. Has helped infections of all kinds to clear. Great taken internaly and applied directly to infection site. Worked well with me and my infant.
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