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GO Healthy

Go Flaxseed Oil 1,500mg - High Potency

210 softgels
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Good Ingredients Approved
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Go Healthy Go Flaxseed Oil 1,500mg is the purest quality, using only organic certified, cold pressed Flaxseed is high in Omega 3, 6 and 9 Essential Fatty Acids. These fatty acids support healthy skin, hair and nails as well as promote joint health. Each capsule contains 50% more Flaxseed Oil than our standard 1,000mg Flaxseed Oil.


GO Healthy 高之源 1500mg 亚麻籽油精华胶囊


GO Healthy 高之源 1500mg 亚麻籽油精华胶囊富含多种氨基酸、维生素E和矿物质成分,营养全面,易吸收。对心脏、大脑、关节和眼睛的健康特别有益。能够快速补充人体必须脂肪酸,促进新陈代谢,提高免疫力。其亚麻籽油包含活性成分α-亚麻酸具有抗肿瘤,抗病毒、抗血栓,降血脂,营养脑细胞,调节消化和神经系统等作用;维生素E和矿物质是一种强有效的自由基清除剂,有延缓衰老和抗氧化的作用。可以有效的保障我们身体健康。


  • 不含糖、淀粉、人造色素、人造香料、防腐剂。
  • 携带服用简单、快捷。
  • 膳食补充剂,营养丰富,易吸收,有效保护人体健康。


  • 具有抗肿瘤,抗血栓,降血脂,降血压,预防心脑血管疾病。
  • 抗菌消炎作用,能有效舒缓关节炎、风湿疼痛等关节不适症状。
  • 有效营养脑细胞组织,增进专注力,强化大脑,增强记忆力,舒缓精神压力和不良情绪。
  • 调节荷尔蒙内分泌平衡,控制体重,改善肤质,抗衰老,令皮肤焕发青春健康。
  • 增强免疫力,提高新陈代谢及血液循环能力,保持健康的胆固醇水平。



  • 亚麻籽油:1500mg


  • 适合于成年人人群。


  • 成人一日1次,一次1粒,餐后服用。或遵医嘱。


  • 不能替代药品和均衡、多样的饮食和健康生活方式;
  • 请勿将其放置在儿童可触及的地方;
  • 请存放于避光、干燥、不高于25摄氏度处;
  • 如果为孕妇、哺乳期、正在服用任何药物、或者正在接受任何治疗,请咨询医疗专业人士;
  • 请严格按照说明进行服用,不宜超量服用。


GO Healthy New Zealand 是一家长期提供新西兰制造的纯天然膳食营养补充剂的公司,提供的天然膳食营养补充剂种类超过150种,在新西兰是第一大天然膳食营养补充剂品牌,其产品在全新西兰850多个药房及健康保健食品零售店都有销售。GO Healthy New Zealand紧贴研发潮流,不断引进全球领先的创新的天然膳食营养补充剂,其产品原材料均来自全球各地最纯净区域,真正汇集大自然精华。GO Healthy New Zealand同时也是新西兰第一家将“绿色健康植物纤维胶囊”理念应用到营养补充剂产品中的公司,以此理念进行生产,推荐给全世界消费者的天然膳食营养补充剂公司。GO Healthy New Zealand的总部在新西兰美丽的首都惠灵顿。

  • Always read the label.
  • Take only as directed.
  • If taking prescription medication or if in doubt, consult your Healthcare Professional.


Adults: Take 1-2 SoftGel capsules daily.

Can be taken anytime, with food or on an empty stomach, or as directed by your Healthcare Professional.

Each SoftGel Capsule contains:

Flaxseed Oil (organic) 1,500mg
    Alpha-linolenic Acid (Omega 3) 825mg
    Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) 233mg
    Oleic Acid (Omega 9) 270mg

May contain encapsulating aids.

Contains no added: Wheat, gluten, yeast, dairy products, artificial flavours, preservatives or sweeteners. 

  • High Potency 1,500mg dose per capsule
  • Great source of Omega 3, 6, 9
  • Skin, hair and nail support
  • Promotes joint health
  • Supports prostate health

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Nerana Coulston
21-05-2020 09:25:56
A really necessary product.
21-05-2020 09:25:56
I have taken this now for sometime and wouldn't be without it. It does make for strong hair and nail growth as well as given me the necessary omegas. I put my Daughter onto it as well and she is continuing to take it as it has benefitted her well too.

16-05-2020 19:09:03
Another good product.
16-05-2020 19:09:03
We take this instead of Fish oil and love the fact it has the three Omega sources and it is great for our skin also.

K Davis
15-11-2019 18:30:08
go healthy flaxseed oil
15-11-2019 18:30:08
First-time trying it . Much more pleasant than fish oil

Julie Baga
25-08-2019 18:30:19
Healthy hair and skin at age 63
25-08-2019 18:30:19
In 2009 a co-worker recommended taking flaxseed oil for keeping my hair and skin healthy. I take 3000 units a day. Now that I\'m getting ready to retire, and am growing my hair long to save on haircuts, I am so grateful for that good advice. My hairdresser thinks my hair is amazing -- and I think it\'s due to the oil. Be sure to keep your supply in the fridge, as oil is affected by heat.

16-08-2019 18:30:12
Trust it now
16-08-2019 18:30:12
Seeing great result after taken half of the bottle. My skin problems (dry skin, eczema and psoriasis) and joint problem have been improving a lot. I also applied Sven\'s Island body lotion on my problem skin for better result. Will continue to take it.

Karin Christensen
10-08-2019 18:30:16
Ezcema almost disappeared!
10-08-2019 18:30:16
I started taking the 1000g version a few months ago for general health and being openminded as to what results to expect and realized after a month of taking it that my historic eczema (of 25 years) massively improved - I did nothing else differently in my diet or lifestyle so can only put it down to taking these every day! Absolutely stoked and am now using the 1500mg caps. Very happy with the results and will definitely carry on using :D

28-01-2019 21:05:38
Excellent Results
28-01-2019 21:05:38
Six months ago my cholesterol test came back at 7.2 Dr wanted to put me on statins I declined and started taking flaxseed oil, 6 months later went for another cholesterol test & result came in at 6.2 so I will definitely continue with these capsules excellent result

14-12-2018 13:20:59
A daily essential!
14-12-2018 13:20:59
I suffer with psoriasis, acne and dermatitis. I take a high dose of this flax seed oil and the dermatitis on my hands has cleared completely, the psoriasis is more manageable and my beauty therapist commented on how healthy the skin on my face is looking. Go Healthy is the best product I've found for high dose and affordability and I recommend it to anyone with skin concerns.

17-05-2018 15:53:30
Presently you are out of stock
17-05-2018 15:53:30
Excellent organically certified and is excellent value We hope you continue to stock this product
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