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Sleep Support

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Harker Herbals Sleep Support is a calming tonic to support restful sleep and relaxation. The combination of valerian, ho flowers and catnip in a blend of restorative plant-based ingredients, helps soothe the nervous system and calms busy minds.  This is a great tonic to support preparation for sleep and for those with restless or disruptive sleep patterns.


  • St. John's Wort affects the way many prescription medicines work, including oral contraceptives. Consult your doctor.
  • Do not take if pregnant. 
  • Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, seek professional advice.
  • People on prescribed medicines check with your doctor first. May potentiate the effect of hypnotic medicines. Care with driving and operating machinery. 

Shake bottle vigorously prior to each dose. To accustom to product take a 1/4 to 1/2 dose for the first 2 or 3 days.

Adults: (12 years and over): 5-10mls 2-4 times daily.

Children (2-12 years): 2.5mls 3-4 times daily.

Infants (1-2 years): 1.25mls 2-3 times daily.

Active Ingredients:
Catnip, Hop Flower, Valerian.

Carrageen, Chamomile, Ginger, Horsetail, St. John’s Wort, Skullcap.

Pure Essential Oils:
Aniseed, Coriander, Jojoba, Patchouli, Orange. 

Celtic Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Organic Iodine, Vegetable Glycerine

  • Supports healthy and restorative sleep
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Great to encourage healthy sleep patterns
  • Liquid formula for fast absorption
  • Can be taken long term
  • Vegan friendly

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20-03-2019 01:43:34
Not for me
20-03-2019 01:43:34
I like Harkers products but was disappointed with their Sleep Support. I found this product didn't achieve the desired affect for me. If anything it made it even harder to nod off and my mind seemed to be even more active than normal. When I finally did fall asleep I found myself waking often throughout the night. It left me feeling groggy and foggy-headed in the morning. Personally I found the Weleda Sleep and Relax drops far more effective with no side-effects the next morning so will go back to that product.

11-12-2018 15:19:42
Great product
11-12-2018 15:19:42
I'm about to buy my 3rd big bottle of Sleep Support. Has definitely helped me with sleeping and also my daughter. I actually use it through the day as well before I go for a ride on my horse just to take the edge off my nerves. Certainly helps :) Just has a calming, relaxing effect.

22-05-2017 14:25:02
Sleep Support
22-05-2017 14:25:02
Great product.

04-11-2015 00:07:01
Love Malcom's Products
04-11-2015 00:07:01
Love Malcolm Harker's products. This product does help relax. His book is also amazing and well worth a read. Keep up the good work.

15-02-2012 01:49:09
I started taking this product when ...
15-02-2012 01:49:09
I started taking this product when I headed away for a few days break. I am always terrible at sleeping in strange beds. I slept every night without any problems. It also helps to keep you calm in times of stress, wonderful, thanks Malcolm.

11-02-2012 23:04:21
I have had problems with sleeplessn...
11-02-2012 23:04:21
I have had problems with sleeplessness for a long time so have tried a lot of different things. I love this tonic. It is very gentle and the combination of herbs just quietly takes you to sleep.. both my daughter and I have used it, I love the taste of Malcolm's tonics too..
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