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Cholesterol Supplements

Unfortunately the “war on fat” blanketed all fats as being unhealthy, but updated research is turning the tide and new science shows that fats play a critical role in our overall health. Understanding how cholesterol actually functions in your body may help to provide a clearer picture for your heart and circulation health. You may also want to learn more about the cholesterol conundrum here.

By using natural cholesterol supplements you may maintain a good balance of cholesterol for your body.

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Cholesterol Info

Your body needs cholesterol to maintain healthy organs, but if cholesterol is unbalanced it may clog vital arteries that could lead to heart or circulation problems.   

Conditions such as inflammation and stress or a diet lacking vital nutrients may cause cholesterol imbalance. Maintaining good sleep and regular exercise may also help keep your cholesterol levels under control.

Natural cholesterol management supplements such as CoQ10, turmeric or aged garlic extract have shown remarkable qualities towards supporting normal cholesterol levels.

Product Reviews

  • Would not buy again


    I am disappointed in this product. I took it for a few days and can't bear to take it anymore. For me it kept repeating and I could often get whiffs of an awful fish smell on my breath. There are other products on the market with similar properties that do not have these nasty side effects. For years I have taken Nutra-Life Fish Oil 1500mg and will go back to that when I can purchase some more.



  • Recommended by an anaesthetist encouraging.


    When I was being interviewed for my hip replacement, I told the surgeon I took hawthorn for my heart health. However, when the anaesthetist asked if I took cartia aspirin, I said "no" just hawthorn. I was pleasantly surprised when he quickly replied that he took hawthorn also, as the best thing for heart health, and then he gave me all the positive properties for his endorsement. This confirmed everything I knew, and was most reassuring.



  • Go Co-Q10 160mg High Strength


    Started buying this product on the advice of my Chemist. I like purchasing from Healthpost because the service is amazing and the cost is certainly affordable.



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