Packed with vitamin C, fibre, and vitamin K, blueberries are a fantastic source of flavonoids such as anthocyanins, which give them their powerful antioxidant capacity.

Blueberry is a fruit of great diversity growing in many countries around the world. It is native to North America and was not only used as food and traditional remedy by Native American Indians, but also thought to be sacred.

They belong to the plant genus Vaccinium which also includes cranberries, bilberries and huckleberries. Commercial blueberries include both “lowbush” and “highbush” varieties. Wild blueberries usually are the lowbush form, bear smaller berries, and are even higher in nutrients than the cultivated variety.

Benefits & Uses

Blueberries are packed with high amounts of nutrients, like vitamin C, vitamin K and fibre, yet they are low in calories and naturally occurring sugars. Research shows that they not only contain the highest antioxidant levels compared to blackberries and strawberries, but also, a unique combination of antioxidants. Most of these are anthocyanins which are plant pigments which give the blueberry its deep blue colour. The outstanding health benefits of blueberries – confirmed by current research – are mostly related to these plant chemicals.

Skin health:

Blueberries can help to keep skin bouncy and lustrous due to their high vitamin C content which supports healthy formation of collagen.

Heart health:

Blueberries support cardiovascular health as well as strong gums by helping to maintain healthy capillaries, assisting circulation, and supporting the body’s healthy response to free radical damage.

Immune health:

Blueberries assist the immune system, helping body tissues to resist invaders and balance immune system responses. Blueberry extract and blueberry tea can also be used to support bladder health.

Brain & eye health:

Antioxidants in blueberries support brain function, helping you to stay alert and active. They support normal memory function as well as the healthy function of nerves and have shown to assist with normal balance and coordination. Research has also confirmed that antioxidants in blueberries help to maintain healthy eyes.

Blueberry extract is a powerful ingredient in many supplements and is easy to add to an everyday routine in capsules or in powders to use in drinks and smoothies. Blueberry extract in liquid form is also available.