Interestingly, it is popular for use as a natural food colourant.

Chlorophyll is found in land based plants, blue-green algae, cyanobacteria, seaweed and sea vegetables. Its presence in green vegetables means that it’s widely available to us in food form but can also be taken as a supplement.

Chlorophyll allows plants to perform photosynthesis - the process of converting light energy into chemical energy to be released and used as fuel for growth. Chlorophyll absorbs sunlight which helps plants generate energy to undergo this process.

Interestingly, chlorophyll is structurally similar to haemoglobin in human blood, except that chlorophyll’s central atom is magnesium rather than iron. It supports the transport of oxygen through the body by blood providing vitality and energy to organs.

Chlorophyll is fat soluble, meaning that it won’t dissolve in water. It is absorbed best when taken with fat in the diet. To ensure it is absorbed as best as possible take it at the same time as your fish oil supplement or with a small amount of oil such as hemp seed or olive oil.

Benefits & Uses

Considered a superfood for its nutritional value, it is often used as part of cleansing or alkalising programmes, and to support energy levels and maintain overall wellbeing.

Balance of pH:

The ideal pH level of the human body is slightly alkaline pH of 7.35. Chlorophyll is often taken in supplement form to help maintain a healthy pH level in the human body.


Chlorophyll supports our natural detoxification process. Our environment can put a huge burden on our detoxification organs - kidneys, digestive system and liver. While our liver does an incredible job of sorting and processing (much like a mail room) and preparing toxins for excretion, sometimes it needs a bit of a helping hand. Chlorophyll may help support the body’s natural cleansing process.

Odour control:

Studies have shown that chlorophyll can act as a natural deodorant in laboratories. It is under this premise that chlorophyll has become popular to take as a supplement to help balance undesirable excess odour in the human body. It is believed that it balances undesirable odours in the gut and colon and in turn may help freshen breath.