Collagen production declines as we age. For a busy lifestyle or in increased needs, collagen is available in capsules, tablets or as hydrolyzed powders.

Collagen comes from the Greek word ‘kolla’, meaning “glue” and ‘gen’ meaning “giving birth to” in French. It is an important building block for healthy nails, hair, skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints and cartilage. Collagen is abundant in the gut, the blood vessels, in corneas of the eyes and even in the dentin in teeth. It is often referred to as a “complex protein” as it contains an amazing amount of 19 different amino acids.

Collagen gives skin its elasticity and strength as well as supports skin repair and new cell turnover. So far, 28 types of collagen have been identified. Over 90% of the collagen in the body is of type I collagen. The five most common types are:

  • Type I: Found in skin, tendons, bones, cartilage, connective tissue, teeth, digestive system
  • Type II: Found in cartilage
  • Type III: Reticulate (fibrous), commonly found alongside type I, muscles, blood vessels
  • Type IV: Forms a supporting layer in the connective tissue, separating epithelial cells from underlying tissue containing blood and lymph vessels
  • Type V: Found in hair, placenta, cornea, bones, cell surfaces

Benefits & Uses

Research has confirmed many health benefits of collagen:

  • Collagen can help support a healthy glow and firmness of the skin in dosages of 2.5 -5grams a day
  • This important protein may help when there is discomfort in joints, balancing healthy cartilage production and supporting moving with ease
  • While supporting repair processes, collagen assists in healthy gut membranes; to soothe irritation of the gut lining and digestive discomfort
  • Collagen supports healthy muscle mass which in turn assists balanced metabolism and weight management, helping to maintain a healthy body
  • Collagen is an important building block of skin and nails and can support healthy hair growth
  • Glycine, an amino acid within collagen, supports the health of liver cells
  • Proline, another amino acid found in collagen, is beneficial for the cardiovascular system as it supports blood vessel elasticity and health.