The rhizome of the plant is widely used as a spice to flavour meals, and can also be used to support digestive upset, circulation for cold hands and feet, as well as provide support for stiff joints.

Benefits & Uses

Digestive health:

Traditionally, bioactive qualities of the plant chemicals in ginger have been used to give support to digestive upsets, to ease discomfort, and support absorption of nutrients. These beneficial effects on the digestive system also make ginger a good herb to assist in maintaining and managing a healthy body weight. Scientific research has also shown that ginger helps to support feelings of nausea while travelling and during pregnancy.

Immune support:

Anybody enjoying a ginger tea or the addition of ginger to a lemon drink or a meal will notice the warming effects of the herb. Ginger helps to support the body’s response to inflammation and also helps to assist the body’s normal immune defenses against winter ills and chills.

Joint and circulation support:

Ginger helps to support blood circulation around the body, and can help to warm the peripheries helping to ease the feeling of cold hands and feet. This warming effect, plus ginger’s ability to support the body’s normal inflammatory pathways, helps to support comfortable joints as well as mobility.