Senna leaf is one of most well-known and widely used herbs to support healthy bowel evacuation. The scientific name is Cassia angustifolia. It’s a small woody shrub (up to 1m high which originates from Egypt and the Middle East but is popular worldwide.

It is the leaf and pod that are mainly used, usually in a powdered or finely chopped form.
This popular herb is a staple of most Body Cleanse & Detox and Bowel Motion Support formulations, whether it be teas, capsules, tablets or liquid preparations.

Senna contains special plant nutrients. Sennosides are the plant nutrients that have been the most studied. Interestingly, these compounds are not actually found in the living plant. It is only upon harvesting and drying the herb that these compounds actually come into existence. So, if you find yourself wandering in Egypt and begin grazing on a Senna shrub you have happened upon, your expectations may not be met.

The ability of the body to have soft and well-formed stool for normal and frequent bowel motions depends upon a sufficient amount of fluid being present in the bowel. Senna helps keep healthy fluid levels in the bowel to maintain healthy and comfortable bowel movements.

The bowel is surrounded by rings of muscle which contract to move faecal matter through it. This muscle action is called peristalsis. Senna supports the healthy function of these muscles to support bowel evacuations.

The bowel is the waste disposal unit of the human body. Senna is one of the most popular options for people who require help with healthy bowel regularity.

If you’re taking medication, it’s important to discuss using Senna with your medical professional first. Senna can decrease the amount of time that the medication stays in your body.