Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree is a wiry, woody plant and when the flowers that bloom in spring give a look of white fluffiness. The small woody, cup-shaped fruit are scattered along the branches. Tea Tree oil is extracted from the leaves of the plant and has a fresh, pungent and camphorous odour, similar to eucalyptus.

Most products that contain the powerful antiseptic, tea tree oil, have the native Australian Tea Tree species, Melaleuca alternifolia. This tall shrub, is mostly found in Queensland, the north coast and some areas of NSW and tends to grow along streams and swampy flats.

Benefits & Uses

Insect repellent:

Tea tree oil has powerful activity and is a favoured ingredient in many products, including for headlice treatment. It is commonly found in products designed to repel mosquitos and other biting insects. The essential oil can be purchased as for making a variety of products at home for people and in the garden.


Tea tree oil is commonly found in skin care products. The antibacterial properties of tea tree make it highly prized for supporting the natural clearing of spots and skin blemishes. This wonderful oil is definitely something to keep in mind for cleansing and purifying your skin and can be useful if there are teenagers in the house whose skin needs a bit of support.

Other benefits:

The antiseptic properties of tea treee oil can benefit as a First Aid Kit go-to, for minor cuts and grazes. It may also support the healthy function of the lungs and sinuses with winter ills and chills if used in a diffuser or oil burner.