Valerian can be found on its own or blended with additional herbs to more broadly offer support.

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is a beautiful plant with plush green leaves and tall stalks of clustered, sweetly fragrant pink or white flowers. Historically, Valerian has been used for multiple purposes since at least the ancient times of Greece and Rome and Hippocrates wrote about its common uses for nourishing the nervous system.

Valerian is native to Europe, Asia and North America, grows up to six feet tall and it has a very distinctive smell. The part of the plant that is useful in supplements is the roots and rhizomes which contain the active constituents that work to soothe a frazzled nervous system.

Benefits & Uses

Sleep support:

In scientific studies, Valerian can assist with falling asleep normally and a great quality of sleep. Having a solid night’s sleep and waking feeling refreshed is an important part of having a productive and enjoyable day.

Mood support:

When our day is very busy, and we worry about getting things done in time, or have feelings of stress and tension mounting, valerian can be a good option to ease worries and tense emotions.

Menopause support:

Women come to a time in their lives when their hormone balance changes and at times, may cause great discomfort and unrest. Scientific research shows that up to eight weeks of use of Valerian, can support the natural balance of a women’s body temperature.

Addressing the cause of the stress or poor sleep is important, but Valerian can be thought of as a great helper at various times of life.