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Sleep Relief

25ml spray
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Martin & Pleasance Sleep Relief is a homoeopathic medicine prepared by traditional methods for the temporary relief of symptoms associated with:
  • Light restless sleep due to stress or nervous conditions
Martin & Pleasance oral Homoeopathic Complex sprays are a lactose free homoeopathic formulation, prepared by traditional methods and created with the inclusion of Schuessler Tissue Salts. Homoeopathic formulations stimulate the body's own ability to assist in restoring natural equilibrium and health. 
Keywords: Restlessness and muscular spasms, Very light sleep, jerking of limbs, Hypersensitive to light and noise, Nervous irritability, troubled sleep, Digestive and sedative, Sleeplessness, nervous exhaustion, Sleeplessness due to mental activity, Nervous irritability, restless sleep, Drowsy during the day, poor sleep at night,
Spray under the tongue.
Ongoing symptoms: 1 dose every half hour until condition improves, up to 4 doses, then continue a maintenance dose of 1 dose 4 times per day (max 8 doses per day).
Maintenance dose: 1 dose 4 times daily.
Adults: 1 dose is 4 sprays
Children 2-12 years: 1 dose is 2 sprays
For best results take 10 minutes away from food or as professionally prescribed.
Contains Equal Amounts Of:
Valeriana Officinalis 6X
Passiflora Incanarta 4X
Magnesium Phosphoricum 6X
Avena Sativa 4X
Coffea 12X
Kalium Phosphoricum 6X
Zincum Valerianium 12X
Contains Ethanol.
  • Lactose Free


5 out of 5
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13-08-2019 14:23:59
Best ever sleep remedy
13-08-2019 14:23:59
Highly recommend,

12-01-2019 18:34:18
Highly recommend
12-01-2019 18:34:18
This product definitely makes a huge difference to sleep. Having used it for some time, I won't be with out this sleep aid. Highly recommend this. I am Menopausal and this certainly assists my sleep.

28-05-2017 23:01:43
28-05-2017 23:01:43
I found this to be very effective, quite a find!

13-01-2017 18:54:19
Highly recommend Martin & Pleasance Sleep Relief spray
13-01-2017 18:54:19
I have a lot of difficulty getting to sleep and have found Martin & Pleasance Sleep Relief the best spray so far. Would definitely recommend! I have found it very difficult to come by at pharmacies, they have other products but I only use Sleep Relief now. I don't even bother scouring pharmacies or health shops anymore, Health Post has such easy online ordering, great price and prompt delivery!

13-01-2017 18:48:25
Cant sleep without it
13-01-2017 18:48:25
My fiance and I rely on this product, its simple, effective, travels well. works. The only issue we have is that the spray nozzle 'vent' has recently been made all white - previously the 'vent' was black so you didn't have to look so hard for it. Much better.

02-12-2015 21:41:15
I find the Sleep Relief very good
02-12-2015 21:41:15
I find the Sleep Relief very good if I am lying there wondering why I haven't dropped off....a dose of Sleep Relief and I am in the land of nod shortly after!

Helen Tyson
01-01-1970 12:00:00
Help with sleep
01-01-1970 12:00:00
I am 76 yrs old and can wake 3 times a night. These drops help me be less wakeful and have more hours sleep in between, I really recommend them. They help relieve restless legs, too.

01-01-1970 12:00:00
Highly recommend
01-01-1970 12:00:00
Quick fast help with falling off to sleep LOVE also love there heartburn one and jittery leg one for husband they really work

01-01-1970 12:00:00
Heaven in a bottle!
01-01-1970 12:00:00
I can honestly say I have found Sleep relief to be a gift from the gods!!! I have suffered for many many years with sleeping issues, to the point of only getting 3 to 5 hours sleep in 3 weeks at one stage. My system works in reverse with some medications, what might put other people to sleep, wakes me up, so this has been a miracle to find. I use it every night I started with only using 2 to 3 sprays but now but would only sleep for 2 to 3 hours now I use 5 to 7 sprays (it\'s very affordable and consistently effective) in my mouth and I\'m sleeping solidly for up to 4 to 5 hours which is a miracle and can drop back off to sleep either naturally or with another couple of sprays, plus I\'m finally dreaming again!!! I so missed dreaming, lol. Absolutely love this product, couldn\'t sleep without it, lol!!! : ) D
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