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We want our kids to grow up healthy and resilient, making sure we provide enough support for them. With our Better Choices Promise our Experts select Kids health products that are free from harmful ingredients and full of good nutrients supporting children’s health including kids immunity and kids digestion.

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We have many options of kids supplements to support a variety of health concerns. They come as gummies, chewable or crushable tablets, drops, liquids, soft gels or powders.

  • To boost nutrient intake and to support growth and development you could choose a kids multi or a smoothie powder, providing a synergistic blend of vitamins and minerals – great for fussy eaters or children on restricted diets. Vitamin B Complex, C, D, and minerals like zinc and iodine are all beneficial ingredients you’ll find in a multi.
  • Magnesium and calcium help normal bone growth and growth spurts
  • Support the immune system with specifically created immune-multis or herbs like echinacea and elderflower alongside a kid’s Vitamin C. Researched ingredients like Wellmune, made from yeast and probiotics also encourage a healthy immune response and are safe long-term.
  • Use Omega-3 oils from fish oils or flax seed oil to support for healthy mood, eyes and brain. Great helpers too for skin troubles!
  • Bach flowers, tissue salts and herbs like chamomile and lemon balm are calming, assisting children’s sleep, teething or tummy issues.
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