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Sleep & Relax Drops

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Weleda Sleep and Relax Drops helps calm nervous tension, mild anxiety and promotes relaxation. Helps relieve insomnia and aid restful sleep.

Non-habit forming and does not cause daytime drowsiness.

  • Keep all medicines out of reach of children.
  • Store below 30°C.
  • If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.

Children under 7 years: Take 5 drops. 
Children 7 to 14 years: Take 10 drops.
Adults: Take 15 drops.

For insomnia: Take before dinner and at bedtime - may be repeated during the night.
For nervous tension: Take 3 times daily at least 15 minutes before meals.

In acute cases take every 2 hours. Or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Naturally cloudy. Shake the bottle.

1g (approx. 15 drops) contains:

Tincture, equiv. to fresh plant juice:
Avena sativa, herb 125mg
Humulus lupulus, fruit 4mg
Passiflora incarnata, herb 25mg.

Decoction, equiv. fresh root juice:
Valeriana officinalis 171mg.

Homoeopathic potency of: Coffea Tosta, decoct. 60x, 150mg

In water/ethanol base.

  • A safe & effective natural aid to relaxation
  • Totally natural, non-drowsy and non-habit-forming

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4 out of 5
(Out of 33 Total Reviews)
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01-09-2019 18:30:10
Love this product!
01-09-2019 18:30:10
my go-to if i cant switch off!!

06-07-2019 18:30:15
Sleep Drops
06-07-2019 18:30:15
I found myself using more than the prescribed dosage and it took about 4 days before the effect really kicked in. After taking the dose before bed, I also took a small dosage to place by my bed so that I didn\'t have to get up (and run the risk of properly waking myself up) to take during the night if I was restless during the night,

18-04-2019 01:19:48
Does the job
18-04-2019 01:19:48
Great product, works well for me most of the time. Best to take a break from using or can become used to it meaning no effect.

16-01-2019 16:38:41
Sleep at Last
16-01-2019 16:38:41
I really like this product. It definitely helped me relax, nod off and stay asleep. Found it left me feeling a little groggy for a while after waking but not enough to deter me from buying another bottle.

15-01-2019 23:32:43
Horrible taste
15-01-2019 23:32:43
I have always been pleased with Weleda products in the past, and the price of these drops was good so I felt confident about ordering them. But the taste of the drops is so bad that I think I would prefer to stay awake! The trouble is that you need to take 15 drops too, which is nearly a teaspoonful. And the taste is really terrible. I persevered for a few days and didn't really notice a good result from the drops. Moving on...

26-10-2018 20:42:04
These work
26-10-2018 20:42:04
I'm a shift worker and struggle to get a decent sleep. These drops were recommended to me so I gave them a go. I slept for 8 hours. I use them all the time and my sleep has become deep and long. I have also found they have cured my version of restless leg syndrome. Worth a try ... And yes it does taste terrible but worth it and I have got used to it so I no longer mind.

15-10-2018 19:20:05
Weleda sleep drops
15-10-2018 19:20:05
Sadly this product reacted with me. I contacted Health post, they immediately refunded my money, which I was totally thrilled about. Not only that, but they explained why it may have reacted with me. Thank you for your care and understanding support I received. I certainly will continue shopping with you.

30-09-2018 02:37:05
Not that efficient
30-09-2018 02:37:05
It's a shame tinctures have alcohol based. I'm on a migraine diet and alcohol gives me migraines.. when I first used it seemed okay but chewed thru it as I woke up a lot thru the night so definitely not a one shot and drop remedy!!

30-07-2017 17:12:03
Tastes awful
30-07-2017 17:12:03
This tastes so bad that I gave up using it unfortunately.
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