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MagSorb - Magnesium Oil

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MagSorb is a quality source of transdermal magnesium oil, sourced from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Europe. This pristine, 250 million year old reserve is extracted from 2000 meters deep in the earth and is of a very highly natural state.

MagSorb™ is a liquid concentration of magnesium chloride, derived from ancient sea bed deposits. It has a naturally oily texture and is commonly called magnesium oil (although it is not technically an oil). 
  • If you experience a stinging sensation dilute with water.
  • Do not apply to sensitive areas such as the face as magnesium oil may irritate sensitive skin and mucous membranes (e.g. eyes and nose). Do not apply to damaged, cracked or broken skin. Conduct a patch test prior to use.
  • If any reaction occurs, discontinue use.
Massage into joints and muscles or into skin needing rejuvenation
30 mL can be added to a warm footbath and the feet soaked for 30 minutes
Add 25–50 mL to a hot bath and soak for at least 30 minutes
Topical applications can vary from 5 to 10 mL. It can be sprayed under the arms (doubles as a highly effective deodorant) and on the feet.
If irritation occurs discontinue use.

Store MagSorb in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.
Magnesium Chloride 300mg/ml

MagSorb™ is a liquid concentration of magnesium chloride, derived from ancient sea bed deposits. It has a naturally oily texture and is commonly called magnesium oil (although it is not technically an oil). 
  • May assist with magnesium deficiency
  • Magnesium is an essential element that assists in muscular relaxation
  • May assist in the relief of muscular cramps and spasms 

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15-03-2018 13:21:01
15-03-2018 13:21:01
I use this on my 3 year old for her growing pains. She goes from crying in agony to complete calm in 5mins. This stuff is AMAZING. I also love how a little goes a long way, worth every penny!!

20-11-2017 20:21:30
With every penny
20-11-2017 20:21:30
This has been one of the best products I've used. Felt an instant calm. I think I was for sure deficient, and if you do the research, most people are and magnesium is vital. Taking an oral supplement and this has been massively noticeable for reducing stress/anxiety. The sensation of itchiness or burning caused by the"saltiness"of the product is different on different areas off the body, but fades in a bit of time, though I don't mind it, and if too much I just add a bit of water (don't just spray it all over, test patches. Tops of feet and tops of hands, under arms seem to be good for absorption and really does work as a deodorant) Worth it!!

05-02-2017 21:14:29
MagSorb is the very best products of it's kind.
05-02-2017 21:14:29
Both my husband and I have heart issues and have suffered from leg cramps, we tried several magnesium tablets, which didn't help the cramps at all. Only 2 years ago did we find this product and use it every evening after our shower. Applying it on the tops of our feet. It works instantly as I'm sure you will find. My husband has some heart issues while overseas and one of the things they found was very low magnesium levels, so on returning home he started using MagSorb regularly and several times during the past 2 years, he has had a blood test to see how his levels are now, they are still showing normal levels.

10-07-2016 00:31:02
Absolutely Fabulous
10-07-2016 00:31:02
I cant rave about this product enough.... years of leg cramps and restless leg probs and the oral magnesium lack of absorption and related toilet problems.... and at last (well I've used Mag OIl for some years now) I've found a product at a reasonable price that is so very veryeffective... cramps disappear with regular use... as does the lack of sleep... for me four - six sprays into the palm and rub this into the back of the knees before bed and after the morning shower. Much better quality sleep and no cramp - a new woman YAY,, and of course the fantastic service from Health Post :):)

01-04-2016 00:53:25
Fantastic product!
01-04-2016 00:53:25
I originally bought this in desperation to find something to help with chronic migraines. However the most amazing result was that it completely stops my period pain. After 20+ years of needing regular paracetamol and ibuprofen at that time of the month just to walk upright, I couldn't believe how effective it was. I just use 4 sprays on my tummy at the first niggle of pain and reapply it at 30min intervals until pain completely gone. (typically 3 times) Then I reapply 2-3 times during the day. Also stops bloating. If you, or your daughters suffer from period pain then this is definitely worth a try. Can't recommend it enough. I spray this under my armpits or massaged into my tummy and my sensitive skin doesn't experience any stinging.

28-03-2016 12:28:15
28-03-2016 12:28:15
This is my number 1 cramp support,which I suffer from dreadfully and not reduced in the past by taking oral magnesium. I keep a small bottle of the oil beside my bed and the moment I get cramping, immediately massage a few drops of oil on the spasm, within the shortest time the muscle relaxes and I return to sleep.Brilliant!! Don't be put off by the price as it is very economical and lasts for ages,also the initial stinging or prickling becomes tolerated by the skin and no longer an issue.

15-01-2016 20:54:59
Good way to absorb Magnesium
15-01-2016 20:54:59
I have trouble absorbing magnesium orally. so this oil is great for me. I soak my feet at night in warm water with the oil in it - helps me sleep. I don't mind the prickling when I put it on my skin. Very glad to have this product !

04-08-2015 20:35:07
Great help in times of trouble
04-08-2015 20:35:07
I have been using this spray now for about a month and find it very good for my very old shoulder cuff injury.It only takes a few minutes to get relief there and it does flare up as I knit a lot. I also find it useful on an ankle joint injury and if I get cramp I just spray it on and rub it in. It can sting a bit but I then rub wet hands on the skin which helps. I have tried everything over the years for my shoulder injury but this spray seems to give quite immediate and lasting relief. I am very pleased with it and have decided to use it daily rather than wait for the pain to come back..

12-02-2015 02:20:42
Excellent Product
12-02-2015 02:20:42
I chose this product purely on the reviews and what I've heard about using Magnesium oil. I have Fibromyalgia and will only use natural products to help keep this condition at bay. So I purchased the 1 litre bottle. It does not completely get rid of pain but it absolutely dulls it, to the point it enables you to relax and so helps with sleep. I tried it for two nights running and then not the third night and I noticed a significant difference. Its now part of my night time routine. I usually apply it after a shower, yes it tingles a little but soon wears off. Its not oily but it does give a bit of a clammy feeling but the benefits out weigh that.
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