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30 PLUS Hormone Balance Support

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Mindful Brand NuWoman is a Mindful Brand. They’re committed to meaningful change that looks after our people and planet. Learn more
NuWoman 30 PLUS Hormone Balance Support is a scientifically-formulated natural supplement for women which assists and supports normal hormonal balance. Many women experience hormonal fluctuations, menstrual and other issues that can dramatically affect their everyday lives and relationships with children, partners and friends. 
30 PLUS Hormone Balance Support formula combines the internationally studied and proven effectiveness of Cimicifuga racemosa (Cimi-Max®) with tyrosine (150mg), chromium picolinate (200mcg), B-complex vitamins (B6 25mg, B9 100mcg, B12 150mcg) and calcium (9.23mg) to support the body's own hormonal balance. 
Hormonal imbalance or oestrogen dominance can be caused by natural changes after childbirth; synthetic sources, such as the contraceptive pill; hormone replacement therapy (HRT); as well as diet; exposure to BPA and monthly hormonal changes. 
Cimi-Max® is a standardised extract of Cimicifuga racemosa. Rhiz ext dry conc. Std (6:5:1) in 50% E:W 60mg. equiv Cimicifuga racemosa rhiz 390mg. It is standardised to a level that guarantees the potency and actives that are required for maximum effectiveness, are stable and present at a higher active level than the basic herbal ingredient.

TAPS NA 8099


  • We advise that if you suffer from any liver problems you should seek the advice of your healthcare professional before taking 30 PLUS® NuWoman®.
  • On rare occasions gastro-intestinal upset or hypersensitivity (rash or irritation) may be experienced. We recommend as a good healthcare practice to not take 30 PLUS® NuWoman® while pregnant or breast feeding. It is always advisable to let your healthcare professional know when you are considering taking a dietary supplement.
  • Use only as directed and consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist. Vitamins can only be of assistance if the dietary vitamin intake is inadequate. No added starch, gluten, yeast or artificial colouring.
  • Do not use the product if the blister foil is broken.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store below 30ºC.

TAPS NA 8104

  • This product contains Chromium. People with diagnosed diabetes should check with their doctor as blood sugar levels could be altered when using this product.

Take: Two tablets per day preferably with meals. One tablet in the morning and one in the evening or as prescribed.

It should be taken for a minimum of two menstrual cycles before assessing its effectiveness.

Each Tablet Contains:

Cimi-Max™ Cimicifuga racemosa. rhiz ext dry conc std (6.5:1) in 50% E:W 60mg. equiv Cimicifuga racemosa rhiz 390mg, equiv triterpene glycosides calc 27-desoxyactein (of Cimicifuga racemosa std.) 1.65mg
Tyrosine 150mg
Chromium picolinate 200mcg
Pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6) 25mg
Folic acid (B9) 100mcg
Cyanocobalamin (B12) 150mcg
Calcium 9.23mg.

Cimi-Max™ is standardised to a level that guarantees the potency and actives that are required for maximum effectiveness, are stable and present, reaching a higher level than the basic herbal ingredient.

  • May help with nervous tension
  • May help with mood swings & emotional stability
  • May help with stress & energy levels
  • May help with oestrogen dominance  
  • Suitable for women of all ages

30 Plus NuWoman - For Supporting Normal Hormonal Balance

30 Plus® NuWoman® is a scientifically-formulated natural supplement for women which assists and supports normal hormonal balance.

30 Plus NuWoman - For Supporting Normal Hormonal Balance

30 Plus® NuWoman® is a scientifically-formulated natural supplement for women which assists and supports normal hormonal balance.

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12-11-2020 13:33:23
Bye, bye PMT
12-11-2020 13:33:23
I had the worst PMT (PMS.) For a full week I felt bloated, cramps, and beware to my husband. This was 1/4 of my life that was absolutely miserable. This product totally erased my PMT. Now, i have one little cramp, and that tells me it's started. You must take 2 per day for optimal erasure of PMT, I suggest a pill counter. I didn't see the perfect results until my second period on this Nu Woman, but the first period was so much better--imagine my surprise month 2! Great Stuff. Wish I found it as a teen!

06-11-2020 10:44:26
Early days
06-11-2020 10:44:26
I am giving these 3 stars as I have only been taking these less than a month so it is early days for me, but I think they are helping with my moods, but no difference for the hot flushes unfortunately, I am not waking so often during the night as I was, will see after another month or so.

08-10-2020 09:07:44
Good mood booster
08-10-2020 09:07:44
I definitely think I am less grumpy and irritable since taking this for a couple of months.

27-09-2020 05:43:20
27-09-2020 05:43:20
I haven't noticed any difference with hot flushes but it works for mood swings and anger and emotions, I don't feel like strangling some people anymore so thats good.

20-08-2020 16:48:10
20-08-2020 16:48:10
Was really hoping these would help But all I got was a sore head and felt hungover whilst on them

Penny Clark
15-08-2020 21:54:25
15-08-2020 21:54:25
If you are considering buying this then do so. I bought it on impulse thinking it wouldn’t help me as I have too many problems affecting my health, but my god it is amazing. You know late at night when you get so exhausted you can’t keep going? Well that’s gone, 2 in the morning I’m still going, it truly is life changing. I’ll never not take these. You won’t regret it

14-08-2020 15:00:08
Life changing product!
14-08-2020 15:00:08
I am 41 with endometriosis, so when I started showing signs of pre menopause, prescribed medicines weren't options for me. The hardest PM symptoms were my short fuse and moodiness. The directions on this supplement say it takes two cycles to obtain full effect. However, what I want to tell you is I noticed only after a few days how much better I felt. Everyday since then I have felt better and better. Moodiness reduction every day. Irritation gone after a week, sleeping better within days and even my chin acne gone within 2 weeks. I highly recommend anyone to just try it. A life without moods and Irritation is life changing not only for you but everyone around you.

09-08-2020 08:41:57
Excellent product
09-08-2020 08:41:57
Excellent product. Fast communication and super fast delivery. Thank you

02-07-2020 17:39:32
Prevented me from needing antidepressants!
02-07-2020 17:39:32
NuWoman has been a WONDERFUL thing that happened to me! I was really really struggling & finally took myself to the dr to get anti depressants which I really didn't want to take but had to do something as things were getting worse FAST. A bit of a story about why I didn't start taking the medication there and then but in short something made me get on health post & that same thing put the reviews of NuWomen in front of me & so all of those reviews were exactly what I was struggling with, why hadn't I started taking this before now??? I couldn't wait I ordered them off heathpost there and then but drove around town to find them at a local healthshop (they were substantially cheaper from healthpost) so I could start them immediately. The difference has been FABULOUS. It really truly has, I enjoy my children, my husband, don't experience the 'giving up' feelings, I have energy, I have positive feelings, I don't cry about everything & nothing, I don't get terribly angry spells, etc, etc. I am SO impressed by NuWoman. It took me about 3 weeks to start noticing how I was feeling more stable. Thank goodness I didn't start that medication.... the side effects are said to be Horrible.
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