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Pacific Harvest

Lemon Kelp

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Good Ingredients Approved
Palm Oil Free
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Pacific Harvest Lemon Kelp seasoning is a great condiment for green vegetables, chicken & fish. A great salt alternative!

  • Kelp is classified as a Brown Algae
  • Pacific Harvest prepares a range of exquisite kelp condiments designed to enhance both wellbeing and cooking experience
  • Very little salt (if any) is required when using them
  • The mineral concentration is such that Kelp tastes salty naturally, with a lot less sodium than salt

In Lemon Kelp Seasoning, kelp granules (66%) are mixed with powdered lemon juice, onions, essential oil and spices, making it a naturally tasty & nutritious condiment. Because of its leathery texture, Kelp does very well prepared as a seasoning. The grind is small enough to become tender when exposed to moisture from other food ingredients.

Pacific Harvest Kelp is wild-harvested sustainably from designated coastal areas in New Zealand and tested for contaminants.
  • Seaweed generally - and Kelp especially - are a rich source of natural iodine. Each specie has a unique level of iodine so please consult the label to determine serving size. In NZ the RDI (recommended daily intake) for iodine is 150mcg.
  • Consume in small quantities to stay within the RDI for iodine.
  • People with thyroid disorders or sensitivities to iodine should consult their health practitioner before consuming this product.
Lemon Kelp Seasoning: Can be used before, during or after cooking. Try Lemon kelp on chicken, fish & seafood and green vegetables. Lemon Kelp is delicious wherever you'd use Lemon Pepper, offering a much better nutritional value. Try lemon Kelp on Steamed broccoli left 'al-dente', drizzled with a healthy oil! For best results add the flavoured seasonings at the end of the cooking when flavouring a stew or casserole dish as prolong cooking will weaken the natural flavours & destroy some of the vitamins.
Kelp (66%)
Rice flour
Lemon juice powder (5%)
Lemon essential oil
  • Easy way to get kelp into your diet
  • Great flavour
  • Best source of iodine in nature
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