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Pacific Harvest

NZ Wild Wakame Leaves

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Good Ingredients Approved
Palm Oil Free
100% Wholefood Source
New Zealand Made
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Heavy Metals Tested
Dairy Free
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Pacific Harvest NZ Wild Wakame Leaves are dried naturally to preserve nutrients. When used to wrap food, it adds nutrition, flavour and preserves moisture during cooking. Classified as a ‘brown seaweed’, Wakame is also called 'Asian Kelp' and is not native to NZ. Easy to prepare, nutritious and versatile, it suits both Asian & Western type dishes. As a result, it has built a reputation as one of the sweeter tasting sea vegetable.

  • New Zealand Wakame Leaves have a mild flavour and pleasing texture
  • It is widely used in miso soup and for seaweed salads and has been enjoyed in Asia for centuries
  • Pacific Harvest carries 2 varieties of Wakame, NZ Wild Leaves and Farmed
  • They harvest their NZ Wakame Leaves by hand and dry them whole to suit a wide range of culinary applications

The white powder that covers the surface of the dried leaves is called ‘Umami’, a Japanese word to describe the 'fifth taste'. Umami is actually an amino-acid that rises to the surface of the plant as it dries; chefs prize it for its ability to naturally enhance & balance flavours in a dish.

Pacific Harvest NZ Wild Wakame Leaves are harvested in the North Island of New Zealand and are tested for contaminants.
  • Seaweed generally - and Kelp especially - are a rich source of natural iodine. Each specie has a unique level of iodine so please consult the label to determine serving size.
  • In NZ the RDI (recommended daily intake) for iodine is 150mcg.
  • Consume in small quantities to stay within the RDI for iodine.
  • People with thyroid disorders or sensitivities to iodine should consult their health practitioner before consuming this product.
Wakame: Is one of the most popular & most delicious seaweeds you can have. It is incredibly versatile and can be easily re-hydrated back to its original state in a matter of minutes, developing a beautiful green colour & expanding about 10 times its dried size. The texture is silky & visually appealing and its delicate taste makes it easy to include in a variety of dishes. Whether you are into the traditional miso soup, Asian soups or salad, our Farmed Wakame will make the dish.

Wakame is also delicious in more western-type preparations like greens stir-fry, grain salads and even baking. A cousin of the Atlantic seaweed Alaria, it is suited to the same applications; it is also similar to spinach or other green leafy vegetables in the way it can be used. When used in soups & salads, it is not always necessary to re-hydrate the fronds/pieces. Used straight out of the packet, it will pick up moisture from the surrounding ingredients and preserve a bit of crunch which is nice.
100% Wild-harvested NZ natural Wakame (undaria sp)
  • Sweet tasting sea vegetable
  • Mild flavour
  • Hand picked & dried
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