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Pacific Harvest
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Pacific Harvest is New Zealand's number one producer of the most popular seaweeds from NZ and worldwide. Seaweeds are prized for their health-giving properties & their culinary versatility. Pacific Harvest plants are largely unprocessed and tested for contaminants.

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Pacific Harvest is an innovative producer of fine edible seaweed products in New Zealand. They offer an extensive range of seaweeds indigenous to NZ and other oceans around the world. Their passion for seaweed has them focus equally on producing high quality products that are easy to use and preserving their outstanding health properties. Their product range cover a wide variety of applications, from seasoning to garnish, soup & salads and even ingredients for dessert. Most seaweeds are wild harvested & dried naturally to preserve all the nutrients. Seaweeds keep a long time dried, without need for preservative. Unlike land plants, they will re-hydrate to their original colour & texture, expanding 5-10 times in the process. Largely unprocessed, they are tested for contaminants and cleaned / packed by hand.

Seaweeds have been prized for centuries for their superb nutrition. They are recognised as a nutritional powerhouse, providing all the essential elements necessary to good health. In particular, they are widely recognised for their iodine content, their fatty acid ratio favouring Omega 3 and the unique properties of their sulfated-polysaccharide fibers. Each plant provides a unique nutritional balance of these nutrients. Seaweeds are an important source of unique nutrients in the vegetarian diet as they contain elements otherwise mostly available in fish & meat.

Although they have been used as a staple by many coastal nations prior to the great wars, it is only recently that the Western World has re-discovered their culinary potential. Seaweeds come in a great variety of colours, textures & flavours and are easy to integrate in one's diet. They are prized by Chefs around the world for their Umami flavour, their visual appeal and versatility in the kitchen. A small amount suffices to take advantage of their nutritional value and the much sought-after Umami flavour.

Pacific Harvest is a Mindful Brand:
Environmentally Sustainable Environmentally Sustainable
Transparent Transparent
Socially Responsible Socially Responsible
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