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Sea Lettuce Leaves

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Pacific Harvest Sea Lettuce Leaves are delicate & rehydrate quickly. Their bright green colour & tissue paper texture make them a presentation asset for many dishes. Sea lettuce is one of the most easily identified seaweed because of its vibrant green colour.

It is sometimes called green laver or green nori because of its tissue-like texture similar to that of nori (Karengo, in NZ) Sea Lettuce grows naturally in a variety of shapes (ribbons, tuffs or sheets) and shades (from pale yellow to very bright or dark green) and has a distinctive aroma. Sea Lettuce grows near the shore and physiologically is the closest seaweed to land plants; it is commonly found on intertidal rocks, in tide pools, on reef flats, growing on shells, other seaweed or free floating.

It sometimes favours areas of fresh water runoff that are rich in nutrients (particularly nitrogen), beware then, it can become invasive & smelly as it decomposes, and may contain pollution from the land. Harvested and enjoyed worldwide, it is common in temperate and colder seas. When dried, Sea Lettuce is very light in weight and expands generously upon re-hydration. Although Sea Lettuce grows in great quantities along the NZ coastline, its commercial harvest is not permitted.

Pacific Harvest Sea Lettuce is imported from France and tested for contaminants.
  • Seaweed generally - and Kelp especially - are a rich source of natural iodine. Each specie has a unique level of iodine so please consult the label to determine serving size. In NZ the RDI (recommended daily intake) for iodine is 150mcg.
  • Consume in small quantities to stay within the RDI for iodine.
  • People with thyroid disorders or sensitivities to iodine should consult their health practitioner before consuming this product.
  • It must be stored in a dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve its colour and nutrients.
Sea Lettuce Leaves: Makes the best green salsa, served with corn chips, spread in egg or tuna sandwiches or spooned as a garnish on grilled fish. The leaves are also used to great effects re-hydrated and coarsely chopped in potato mash, seafood chowder and omelettes.

Care must be taken in re-hydrating them, especially if using the full leaf as a lining for terrines or to make little parcels. The leaves are spectacular wrapped around fish filets, but their use is not limited to savoury dishes; it pairs really well with roasted pineapple to make a spectacular entremets! A leaf dipped in egg whites and baked makes a great garnish!
100% Wild-harvested natural Sea Lettuce (ulva sp)
  • The taste is delicate, a bit grassy or peppery
  • The texture is tissue-like therefore very delicate
  • The occasional crunchy base
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