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Amino Glutamine

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GMP Manufactured
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RadianceTM Amino Glutamine is a pure premium quality L-glutamine free form amino acid in convenient powder form. 

Radiance Amino Glutamine may be beneficial as part of a holistic approach to supporting intestinal tissue health, especially in the presence of gut problems.  

Also beneficial for energy, tissue health, immune support and blood sugar balance especially where the diet may be deficient in L-glutamine.

  • Not recommended for those at risk of renal disorders, hepatic disorders, and diabetics.
  • Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. 

One heaped teaspoon (5g) once or twice daily, mixed with water or juice.

Each Teaspoon Contains: 

100% pure free form l-glutamine

  • Supports sports people who are low in energy & get ills & chills
  • Supports sports people who want to build lean muscle mass
  • Supports the gut lining response to allergens
  • Supports those who want to manage cravings for sugar and alcohol

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23-05-2020 09:01:22
Seems to reduce inflamation of the gut.
23-05-2020 09:01:22
i have had leaky gut issues with inflamation for years. This product is proving very effective so far. 'Really pleasing'

12-05-2020 15:23:12
Amazing for stomach issues
12-05-2020 15:23:12
I have Coeliac disease, multiple autoimmune conditions and medications that wreak havoc with my stomach. This product has made a huge difference to my life, struggling with stomach problems (difficulty digesting, reflux, food intolerance's) most days played a huge impact on my every day life and general quality of life. I take this twice a day and my stomach feels soo much better, its much calmer and I now rarely get reflux. I have tried other L glutamine powders and they have upset my overly sensitive stomach. This for me is worth every penny! Big plus that it now comes in a tin too! (tip: I have found ale vera juice, enzymemedica digest spectrum enzymes have been the winning combo to help my stomach)

22-12-2019 19:30:06
Amino Glutamine
22-12-2019 19:30:06
I was recommended this product for leaky gut. I had IBS, take morning and night. And have noticed vast improvements in bowel health. Will continue taking. I highly recommend this product for anyone experiencing bowel issues. I have more energy as i am absorbing more nutrients from the food i consume.

01-12-2018 03:10:30
Radiance Amino Glutamine
01-12-2018 03:10:30
I tried a container if this product to help with the healing of my gut due to being a Celiac,i have found it a great product and notice i have no stomach upsets and if i happen to have some gluten it does not affect my system.Im now on my second container after a few months break to see how i felt,which is just fine,so am taking another lot to help my gut in the best possible health as a maintenance course you could say.It has no smell and no taste and is simple to take in a glass of water.

30-11-2018 21:59:00
Helps IBS & gut problems immensely
30-11-2018 21:59:00
Been taking this every morning as soon as I get up and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my gut behaviour. I’ve suffered really bad IBS most of my life, but I know this has helped heal my gut. I now have more confidence in eating food I wouldn’t go near before. For people that have IBS or gut problems, this has been amazing. It is tasteless and easy to drink. I also take a digestive enzyme (solgar)and my gut has never been better! (I’ve seen dieticians, done the low fodmap diet, naturopath etc.., and L-Glutamine and a digestive enzyme has been the BEST thing I’ve done my whole life!!

31-08-2018 20:23:31
Great product
31-08-2018 20:23:31
L Glutamine has helped with IBS and diverticular disease very successfully. I also have found that my energy levels are much better due to the fact that my digestive problems have settled somewhat. i have used three containers of this supplement and have ordered two more as I do consider things have improved markedly.

19-04-2018 16:50:56
I was unsure but it definitely works
19-04-2018 16:50:56
Hi, My stomach is definitely not great especially if I have a few drinks on the weekend and I do like spicy food. It has been like that for years. I tried this with a probiotic and after a month or so I would have to say I am 150% better. I will not stop, this is part of life now. Glad I found it

25-01-2017 14:33:37
L-glutamine for gut healing..
25-01-2017 14:33:37
I was diagnosed with coeliac disease a couple of months ago. My gut was so shot, I couldn't really eat anything without feeling awful. I'd heard L-glutamine is good for the gut so I brought some to put in my lacto-free smoothies. I've improved a lot since I started taking it. I still have a long way to go, but its helped heaps. I've brought my second lot :) I'd recommend this.. but taking too much made my guts rumbly. Everything in moderation ;)

10-06-2016 00:19:19
Highly recommend for gut health
10-06-2016 00:19:19
I have Crohn's disease and notice a huge difference to my gut health when I don't take it for a while. It may seem a bit pricey but in comparison to others on the market it's reasonably priced and will last you a while. I like to blend it in with my smoothie and I don't notice it's there.
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