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Mindful Brand


Betaine Hydrochloride with Pepsin

100 tablets
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Solgar Betaine Hydrochloride  provides a safe and effective dose of Hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) plus pepsin, an enzyme that breaks down proteins in food. Prolonged poor digestion can lead to digestive discomfort, belching and bloating and poor health, so supporting healthy digestion is important for long term health and wellbeing. 
The stomach naturally produces hydrochloric acid to keep its contents acidic. This is important for killing opportunistic pathogens, releasing other digestive enzymes and Vitamin B12 synthesis. However as we age, our product of acid decreases, so a supplement can be useful to help replace some of the lost acidity. 

Do not take in case of stomach pain or a history of stomach or duodenal ulcers. Do not chew.
Always read the label and use as directed. Vitamins are supplementary to a balanced diet. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.
As a food supplement for adults, take one (1) tablet, preferably at mealtime, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Tablets should be swallowed with water.
Each Tablet Provides:
Betaine Hydrochloride 325mg
(Equivalent to 11 drops of dilute Hydrochloric Acid USP)
Pepsin (1:10,000 units - contains milk) 59mg
Also contains: Microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable stearic acid, silicon dioxide, cellulose gum, natural peppermint flavouring.
  • Supports protein digestion
  • Use for bloating, belching & upper digestive discomfort

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08-01-2021 20:50:42
Works very well
08-01-2021 20:50:42
Thanks, no more acid reflux. I just take one pill before a heavy meal.

15-12-2019 19:30:05
Great stuff
15-12-2019 19:30:05
Has helped with the acid stomach immensely

15-08-2019 19:30:20
Not a fan
15-08-2019 19:30:20
I\'m sure these work fine but they have an absolutely horrendous taste. I can\'t let them touch my tongue or the taste gets stuck in my mouth all day. After a few weeks of using them I started getting really bad bloating also. These are definitely not for me and I\'ve since stopped taking them.

18-03-2018 02:25:49
Very goog product
18-03-2018 02:25:49
This has been very helpful product. For years I have bee on anracids and proton pump inhibitor which as the years go by had not been really helpful and have had a parasite which made do lots of readings to find out why. I discovered that lack of stomach can lead to many gut health problems and lowers the immune system. Yet the doctos kept saying my antacids have no side effects. So I immesitely stop my PPI and instead started taking betaine hcl starting with 1 at breakfast 2 at lunch and 2-3 at dinner. Now I'm only taking 1 eac meal. I have been doing so for a few months now together with the enzymes and I don't feel the reflux or the sour stomach now. And I can eat the food that used to trigger acid but now without the symptoms. Although I discovered that dairy really causes indigestion for me so now I get away fromthem as much as possible. Unlike before there are so many foods that makes me bloated, feeling sour or acidic. My bowel movement has become regular too, every morning. And most of all I have lost weight and maintained it too. Because I discovered that my lack of stomach acids and digestive enzymes caused me food allergies which in turn made me fat or actually made my cells inflammed. Thanks solgar

01-04-2017 12:28:06
Good product
01-04-2017 12:28:06
For years I was sucking Gaviscon half the day because I had acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion. Doctors put me on proton pump inhibitors but as soon as I went off them everything came back. So logic began to take over - I'm getting older and things slowing down, what if it is not too much but rather not enough acid to digest food. I began to drink cider vinegar every day after meals and found a lot of relief, so then I tried Betaine and it is what my body has been looking for, for years. Yet doctors do not seem to realise that the symptoms are the same for too much acid or for not enough acid. I guess they have to do what Big Pharma tells them and a permanent control with only a simple supplement is not the desired outcome for them. Add a good organic probiotic for good digestion balance and the digestive puzzle is solved. I think I may have had too little digestive acid even from childhood, as I used to be subject to megrines at regular intervals accompanied by vomiting. My approaching "old age" will be a lot more comfortable now.

25-10-2016 20:41:03
Aid to Digestion
25-10-2016 20:41:03
Having been through the medical tests for reflux and prescribed the medications I was still experiencing reflux. I have replaced the medications with this product along with the same Company's Digestive Enzyme tablets and rarely have any symptoms now. I find sleeping propped up helpful too.

09-11-2015 19:38:21
Extra stomach acid.
09-11-2015 19:38:21
I have been taking hydrochloride tabs now for over 30 years to aid my digestion. One a day is all I need to supplement my lack of natural stomach acid. No more constipation or gall bladder attacks since. I can eat anything again. I believe that regular use of this product, aided by probiotics, would lower the incidence of bowel cancer significantly. A clean pipe is a healthy pipe!!.

14-04-2015 01:53:48
great product
14-04-2015 01:53:48
For over a decade I have had Acid Reflux and been on strong medication for it, with the medication often not helping. A month ago with my Doctors support I started taking this, one tablet with each meal, have not had acid reflux in that time and have not been taking any medication for it since I started this.
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