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Vitamin B Complex Specials

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Product Reviews

  • Excellent Quality


    This is an excellent quality supplement that I can really feel working. Within a few days of starting taking it I felt my mood an energy lift. I have tried other B vitamin supplements with no noticeable effect - this one is a winner.



  • First time user of this product


    I'm part way through my first bottle of these, and not sure they are as good as the Go Healthy equivalent. Any benefit seems slow to show itself



  • Highly recommended Liposomal BioBalance!


    I highly recommend Liposomal BioBalance Bcomplex. For years my Mum and I had been taking pill/capsule vitamins from supermarkets or pharmacies with no results or just feeling worse. Now... My sleep is amazing, my hair has improved and my nails have gone from clear, peeling and cracking that could barely even grow to now white, thick and long nails. Even the shape of them has changed! I was having skin infections if I had a small scratch or pimple which I was always having to be prescribed antibiotics for. As soon as our local Pharacy recommended to my Mum to look up Biobalance Liposomal on Health Plus our lives have changed! There isn’t anymore looking back on being tried, restless, stressed, depressed, having anger and feeling as though I couldn’t contain it. Looking run down or not having a great sleep. I wake up feeling so refreshed and ready for the day hours before I would’ve been! I will continue to buy the Liposomal BioBalance range to stay happy and healthy! Our over all health is fantastic and we have both recommend to many people around us to improve their health. Highly recommend, you will notice a difference in the first week! Can’t go wrong with Liposomal BioBalance. (We have made 2 orders and will be back for more



Wellness Blog

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    Stress comes in many different forms and degrees of intensity. And while short bursts of mild to moderate stress is good for our health (e.g. learning, responsible calorie restriction, and moderate levels of exercise), prolonged and ...

  • New Generation B Complex – Useful During Pregnancy Too!

    While preparing your body for fertility, and throughout pregnancy B vitamins are very important due to the increased demands on the mother’s body. B Vitamins are a group of nutrients who despite having individual roles, ...

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