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Vitamin B Complex Specials

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Product Reviews

  • Wasn't prepared for the taste


    I tried the Biobalance magnesium and it was easy to take so was not prepared for the unpleasant taste of the B complex. Also it was fidly to measure 4ml.



  • Helps depression


    I have been depressed and on the high does of medication a few years but the medication wasn't working very well for me. I tried many way to better mood but nothing helps. After 6 months taking the B Complex much better mentally, physically and reduced antidepression pills.



  • Something has cured!


    I don't know if it is because of this vit B, but since taking it, I no longer get horrible tongue ulcers or canker sores!!! I used to put up with painful tongue canker sores when drinking alcohol and eating - every function or celebration would be ruined because of these horrible annoyances - OMG now I don't get em!!!!!!



Wellness Blog

  • Everything in Moderation – Especially Stress

    Stress comes in many different forms and degrees of intensity. And while short bursts of mild to moderate stress is good for our health (e.g. learning, responsible calorie restriction, and moderate levels of exercise), prolonged and ...

  • New Generation B Complex – Useful During Pregnancy Too!

    While preparing your body for fertility, and throughout pregnancy B vitamins are very important due to the increased demands on the mother’s body. B Vitamins are a group of nutrients who despite having individual roles, ...

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