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Potassium Supplements

Potassium is one of the essential macro minerals needed in large quantities by the body. Potassium can help improve energy levels, balance body fluids, support heart and kidney function and more!

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Potassium Info

Potassium is one of the essential macro minerals needed in large quantities by the body. Its primary functions are the active transport of nutrients into cells, neuromuscular activity and fluid balance. Protein synthesis and energy production also rely on potassium.

The sodium potassium pump is the mechanism of ion exchange across the cell membrane which regulates cellular volume and moves nutrients into the cell. The action of this pump creates an electrical charge across the cell membrane which is how the body regulates transmission of impulses throughout the nervous system, and is essential for healthy muscle contraction. This makes its role in heart function important because the heart muscle needs potassium for regular and rhythmical contractions. The sodium potassium pump also regulates the balance between intracellular and extracellular fluids.

Potassium Benefits

Potassium can help improve energy levels, balance body fluids, remove excess sodium from the body, support heart and kidney function, optimise nerve transmission and activate cellular cleansing.

Its nutritive and balancing action improves cellular functioning, enhancing the functioning of and communication between tissues and organs throughout the body.

Potassium Side Effects

Safe when taken as directed. Caution advised if taking heart medications – consult your health practitioner.

Product Reviews

  • good but hard work!


    These work well but I find really hard to swallow. They aren't huge pills, but the surface is not smooth and tends to get 'stuck' when it hits your saliva. Have wasted a few from gagging, getting them stuck in my throat!



  • not working


    i have trouble to sleep, it usually take an hour to fall in sleep.but when i took this, it didn't help and made me very tried the next day. not recommaned .



  • Night cramps


    I stopped eating 2 bananas a day a couple of years ago and had night cramps in my feet and thighs. 1 daily potassium tablet has 99% eliminated this painful problem for me and I can sleep comfortably. I find them easy to swallow. Just take more water if its a problem.



Wellness Blog

  • Potassium – your Heart and Brains’ best Friend

      In 2011, researchers in Italy and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden (the same institution that hosts the Nobel Prize every year) revealed findings from two meta-studies that pooled results from several previous clinical studies ...

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