Vitafit has been a competitive brand in the New Zealand health food and dietary supplement industry for over 30 years.  Vitafit aim to bring high quality, tried and trusted products for consumers health and wellbeing.   

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Vitafit products are manufactured at NZ Nutritionals in their own manufacturing facility in Christchurch, New Zealand. Products come in tablets, capsules, lozenges, powders, loose teas and liquids that are formulated based on scientific research. These are manufactured using the finest of ingredients that are sourced in New Zealand, and high quality ingredients from approved international suppliers. These products are then sold to pharmacies and health stores in New Zealand or exported worldwide.

Vitafit consists of a vast range of products, including a variety of herbal formulas, vitamins & minerals, multinutrients, glandular support, amino acids, enzymes, high potency formulas, health foods, tea tree oils and loose teas.