Vitafit has established trust by producing only first-rate health supplements that keep customers coming back for more. VitaFit is based in Christchurch and is focused on delivering a range of high quality supplements and vitamins. Since 1980, VitaFit has specialised in researching and formulating products with just the right combination of nutrients for variety of health problems. You can view their range below. 

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Vitafit’s extensive product lines include the MultiNutrients range, with their popular Hair Gro formulation that has the vital nutrients required for hair growth.
Within their Vitamins and Minerals selection, you can find the Complete C Complex for elevating vitamin C levels and the Stress B Complex formula that may allow the body to cope with stress easier.
For optimal glandular health, their range of Herbal Formulas include products such as Fennel, Kava Kava and Psyllium. Vitafit also provide a range of superfoods such as Maca Root and Organic Spirulina.