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Eczema Cream

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Weleda Eczema Cream is a traditional, herbal product to soothe and relieve the symptoms of eczema. Particularly for dry, red, itchy eczema.

エクゼマ コンプ クリーム(湿疹ケア)




乾燥した湿疹は肝臓の不調に関連していることがあります。補足的なケアとしてWeleda Chelidonium Comp.(肝臓のデトックスを促進)を摂取し、その後Hepatodoronを摂取するようおすすめします。


  • Not recommended for use on broken skin.
  • If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.
  • Warnings: People with eczema can be sensitive to different substances. To test, apply the cream to a small area of eczema and leave for 24 hours.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • For external use only.
  • Store below 30°C.
Adults and Children: Apply a small amount to the affected area twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Each 1g contains:

Tincture, equiv. fresh juice:
Allium cepa, bulb 10mg
Brassica oleracea (Cabbage), leaf juice 80mg
Calendula officinalis, herb 20mg
Chelidonium majus, rhiz. 16.7mg
Hypericum perforatum, herb 16.7mg
Stellaria media, whole plant 6.7mg
Urtica urens, herb 21.3mg

Oil extract, equiv. fresh:
Hypericum perforatum, flower 15mg

Oil extract, equiv. dry:
Calendula officinalis, flower 7.3mg
Juniperus communis, herb 870mcg
Lavandula angustifolia, flower 7.3mg
Matricaria chamomilla, flower 9.9mg
Prunus spinosa, flower 2.15mg
Sambucus nigra, flower 870mcg
Urtica dioica, herb 870mcg
Viola tricolor, herb 870mcg
Aloe vera, dry leaf juice 1mg, equiv. fresh leaf juice 200mg
Coal Tar 200mcg
Graphite 500mcg
Propolis 5mg

Essential oils:
Juniper Berry Oil 500mcg
Lavender Oil 8mg

In a base containing natural vegetable oils and beeswax.

Free from synthetic fragrances, preservatives and parabens.

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27-10-2018 16:30:17
Not work
27-10-2018 16:30:17
Have tried many Natural creams on my 20 month old daughter and this one didn’t clear her eczema and doesn’t stop the itch, back to the steroid cream which clears straight away.

13-06-2018 15:46:37
No help - does nothing much except moisturise
13-06-2018 15:46:37
Does not seem to do anything more than moisturise (and it does not do that particularly well). I'll stick to a simple, hypoallergenic moisturiser in the future - it's cheaper and does the job just as well.

14-05-2018 04:59:13
Its ok
14-05-2018 04:59:13
Doesn't make it better or worse, just like a normal cream for me.

26-02-2018 18:49:41
Awesome product
26-02-2018 18:49:41
Best Eczema cream we have tried and we have tried so many. This is the one cream that actually clears up my daughters eczema.

03-02-2018 15:57:29
Best Eczema Cream
03-02-2018 15:57:29
This beats steroid cream ANYDAY. Must have for eczema sufferers. It doesn't clear it (many don't) but it reduces the visibility and certainly the dry, itchiness!

28-01-2018 02:29:25
Thank you!
28-01-2018 02:29:25
I've tried so many products and thank goodness i found this for my little baby. Her eczema recovered quickly. I'm also using white mallow cream daily. This is definitely better than taking steroid creams.

25-08-2016 16:01:05
Not For Me
25-08-2016 16:01:05
My conclusion is I may be reacting to something in the cream. My eczema flared up so severely on 2 occasions in the last 3 weeks and it seems to coincide with using the cream unfortunately. I do love Weleda as a product but unfortunately due to this issue I could not use the cream.

02-09-2015 20:35:56
02-09-2015 20:35:56
Using this product at night to soothe those itchy areas of skin .I'm now not waking and scratching.

23-07-2015 19:11:20
Not working
23-07-2015 19:11:20
have finished the tube and dont see any improvements of eczema on either my baby or the dad.
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