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Tendinitis Cream

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Weleda Tendinitis Cream is a traditional, herbal product for the relief of tendinitis, pulled muscles, sprains, and strains, eg. RSI (OOS), twisted ankle, strained back, etc., bruises, especially to bony areas, eg. blow to the shin; broken bones after removal of the cast.
Adults and Children: Gently massage a small amount into the affected area, three to four times daily in the acute stage and twice daily as the condition improves, or use as directed by your healthcare professional.
Each 1g contains:

Tincture, equiv. fresh juice:
Allium cepa, bulb 25mg
Oxalis acetosella, leaf 25mg
Ruta graveolens, herb 25mg

Decoction, equiv. fresh juice:
Symphytum officinale, root 20mg

Tincture, equiv. dry:
Arnica montana, flower 9mg
Arnica montana, rad. 1mg

Oil extract, equiv. fresh:
Hypericum perforatum, flower 20mg

Oil extract, equiv. dry:
Arnica montana, flower 13.1mg

Essential oils
Camphor 20mg
Lemon Oil 11.3mg
Rosemary Oil 20mg

In a base containing natural vegetable oils and beeswax.


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18-03-2020 15:13:43
Pain Free
18-03-2020 15:13:43
This product works really well. And not just for tendons. Try on most any aching bit. Pain relief in just a couple of minutes. Smells strange for a very short time and then it’s fine. You will be glad you have this ointment.

P rod
20-09-2018 01:25:46
This works
20-09-2018 01:25:46
This cream helped with my chronic elbow pain. But don't expect it to work right away, use regularly and you'll see a difference within 2-3 days. Love it and now it's a must have in my household. Will definitely repurchase.

14-09-2018 14:34:46
Didn't do anything for me.
14-09-2018 14:34:46
Wish this worked for me but it didn't. Didn't help my elbow pain in any way. The only good I can say about this is it smells nice!

04-05-2018 19:49:20
Outsatnding for tendonitis and muscle pain
04-05-2018 19:49:20
This is very gentle but effective. It also smells amazing! Highly recommend for severe chronic tendonitis! I used it 2 -3 times a day for the first couple of days as my pain was bad, then I have used every night for 2 weeks and it's great! I have also used it in conjunction with Rhus Tox homeopathy tablets. The two seem to work well together for me.

06-02-2018 15:00:38
Very useful cream
06-02-2018 15:00:38
Have had amazing results with this Weleda Cream, which was recommended to me. Have tried alot of other anti-inflammatory, pain relief natural creams & oils.....but have had the best result with this one. Worth a try for any strains, bruising, painful tendons/joints. I have since told a few others about it and they have reported back fantastic results too. Great produce. Great price.

13-01-2018 19:58:02
Tendinitis Cream
13-01-2018 19:58:02
This is the best I have ever used. It even gives relief to my arthritic fingers. Thank you Healthpost for Your fantastic service too..

28-12-2017 20:53:24
Always works
28-12-2017 20:53:24
For my personal aches and pains in neck and shoulders and even lower back, a rub with this brings me almost instant relief, I carry it in my bowls bag always and first aid kit in the car!

01-11-2017 20:05:54
very effective
01-11-2017 20:05:54
I find this cream so good and it works very quickly. I use it on my leg which has a numb patch from a pinched nerve in my back. Will definitely buy another tube when this one runs out !!

11-10-2017 14:58:50
This is a miracle cream
11-10-2017 14:58:50
I use this cream for RSI from computer work. Recently I was in extreme pain from straining my bicep and arm muscles from lifting heavy buckets to feed the calves. Within 3 days I went from constant spasms to pain free! I'm now buying some to use on my horse for overly tight leg tendons and I'm excited to see how it helps him.
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