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Product Reviews

  • Success at last!


    Digest Dairy has been by far the most successful of various products I have tried over the years, in order to be able to indulge in cheese, which I love. I am still experimenting as to when is the best time to take them, so was interested to read the comment from Gay below.
    For me, eating cheese, yoghurt etc results in feeling slightly ill immediately afterwards, and then an unpleasant 'undigested' taste in my mouth for 3 or 4 days. One tablet immediately after eating helps me hugely, and I am delighted to have discovered them, thanks to the excellent website of Health Post.
    I would love to hear about the symptoms and methods of gaining relief from other dairy intolerant people.



  • Easy digestion .


    I am enjoying a better digestion using this product . No pain and very little gas/bloating . Top marks HealthPost for stocking this .



  • I would recomment this product to people who have problems digesting some foods, trouble getting wind up or very uncomfortable after dinner


    Life Stream Advanced Digestive Enzymes my husband finds digestive enzymes helps him to enjoy his food better as he has found when using these he feels much better as he does not get the indigestion he did suffer. I would recommend this product



Wellness Blog

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