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Digestive Enzyme Supplements

You are not what you eat, you are what you assimilate! So, your digestive system plays a most significant role in maintaining a healthy body. By efficiently breaking down food with digestive juices and enzymes, nutrient absorption is optimised so your body is provided with critical nutrition for energy, tissue maintenance and repair, cognitive function, and every other process in your body. If you suffer from increased gas, bloating or digestive discomfort, you may be experiencing the results of a digestive insufficiency.

For optimal digestive health, please see our selection of natural health supplements below.

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Digestive Enzymes Info

When your digestive system is operating in peak condition, you are able to efficiently assimilate important minerals, vitamins, proteins and other nutrients. Your digestive system produces approximately 7 litres of digestive fluids every day. Included in these are the hydrochloric acid and enzymes, essential for breaking food down into its micro-components: amino acids, sugars, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. These are the building blocks of your body and they are also essential to body function. Low gastric acid and digestive enzyme levels could be caused by strenuous exercise, stress, an illness, nutritional deficiencies or by the aging process.

Digestive hydrochloric acid and enzyme supplements may be of assistance to help maintain optimal digestion.

Product Reviews

  • Trusted for years


    This is one of the only dairy supplements that I've found that works. I've been using them for years and take 1-2 with a meal, even if I think there might be traces of dairy (I'm pretty sensitive). They have a pleasant taste and I keep them on hand at all times.



  • I was taking it for aiding digestion due to dental work, however it improved the eczeme I have suffered for the 20+ years


    I have been to dermatologists, herbalist and spend a fortune on cream and lotions.....

    Nothing works but once I had this magic pills for 2 weeks, my skin was 90% good.

    I told a friend of mine, her daughter suffers from eczeme, can't sleep, scratched herself raw - this girl is all good now, her specialist told her no need to come back!!!!!

    It is just a chanced miracle.



  • Excellent find


    After using all the usual effective products to suck , i felt there must be a healthier way. Tried this after evening meals and reflux is soothed or prevented. Love knowing I have it if needed.



Wellness Blog

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    Human bodies are a complex collection of many different individual parts and systems, each of which must work together in harmony to support good health and wellbeing. Your digestive system plays an important role in […]

  • Love your Liver!!

    This is the time of year that everyone has a treat or two … or three … or four … However the organ that is left bearing the brunt of this merriment is of course […]

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