​15 Ways to Sustainably Reuse Your Tulsi Tea Bags

Time for new thinking: The tea bag is no longer a single use item! These little beauties can safely be reused because Organic India Tulsi tea bags are plastic-free, staple-free and made from unbleached filter paper, which comes from the cellulose fibre of the Abaca (Banana) plant. Because it is chemical-free, unbleached and biodegradable, it is perfect for adding to your compost…. AND…. can be reused as a resource in many other wonderfully useful, creative and unexpected ways!

If you’re like me, you love the concept of not only valuing our natural resources but also of treating items previously thought of as ‘waste’ as a ‘resource’. Turning waste into a resource is a wonderful example of applying the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ principle.

Here are 15 things we can all do to reuse or recycle our beautiful Tulsi tea bags.

1. Infuse it again! When you have good quality, organic teas and herbal infusions, you can re-infuse them for a second cup. If you like it strong, you can add your last teabag to a new one, or re-infuse for a slightly gentler cup.

2. Compost it. Putting you used Tulsi tea bags into your compost will assist by contributing valuable nutrients back into our soil instead of being wasted at landfill.

3. Add flavour to grains. Variety is the spice of life! Change up the flavor of your rice, barley or quinoa by adding your leftover tea bags in your boiling water. Play with the different tea blends to add lovely spices to your meal.

4. Bath infusion. Tulsi is well known for its antioxidant qualities, so add a used tea bag to your bath or a lovely foot soak. Antioxidants are said to reduce inflammation, promoting skin rejuvenation.

5. Mouth wash. Take advantage of the antifungal properties of Tulsi Green and Tulsi Peppermint tea by reusing these tea bags as a breath-freshening mouth wash. Make a weak brew from used bags for a refreshing mouth rinse.

6. Protect and fertilise your plants. Did you know that Tulsi has anti-fungal properties? Take advantage of this by watering your outdoor plants with a weak brew. You can also fertilise your plants and ward off pests by sprinkling the contents of an open tea bag around the base of plants.

7. Be rid of smelly fingers. Did you know used tea bags can absorb odours? Next time you’ve been cutting up meat, fish, garlic or onion etc, try rubbing a used tea bag on your fingers. You’ll go from smelly to Tulsi.

8. Freshen up your carpets and rugs. No need for chemical carpet deodorisers; use your old tea bags to clean carpets or rugs! Keep a pile of used tea bags in your fridge, remove and allow them to dry out until damp. Open the bags and sprinkle the tea onto your rugs and carpets and simply vacuum up when dried. Play with the different tea bags to create different aromas.

9. Natural first aid. Take advantage of Tulsi’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties next time you have a cut or wound. Try applying a moist, used teabag to cuts and wounds to assist with healing.

10. Nature’s glass cleaner. Avoid chemical glass cleaning products and make your own using your used tea bags. Remove marks from windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces by wiping with a weak, used tea bag solution.

11. Neutralise airborne smells. Rubbish bins a little smelly? Mine are no longer! Put your used tea bags at the bottom of your rubbish bag/bin to neutralize the smell.

12. Protect your wok. To prevent the formation of rust on your favourite wok or cast-iron pan, wipe them with a used, damp teabag. The coating of tannins will naturally assist with the prevention of rust.

13. Soothe dry, sunburnt skin. Given the antioxidants in Tulsi and Green tea, Tulsi Green makes a refreshing spritz for inflamed, sunburnt skin. Take your used tea bags, re-steep, allow to cool, then pour into a spray or squeeze bottle. You can then spritz or wipe onto your skin for instant soothing and rehydration.

14. Reduce puffy eyes. Who doesn’t like the sound of a natural way to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles? Simply put your used tea bags in the fridge then place them on your eyes and relax for at least 15 minutes whilst enjoying the soothing coolness. If you use a caffeine-containing bag, the caffeine will also assist with shrinking blood vessels around your eyes for a refreshed look and feel.

15. Keep your fridge smelling fresh. Take advantage of the odour-removing power of tea bags by keeping a couple of used dry tea bags in an open container in your fridge. Let the tea bags absorb your fridge odours and then replace weekly.

Remember: Keep your used tea bags in the fridge and reuse within 3 days, this will keep them fresh and free from bacteria and mould. 

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