Behind the Scenes with BioBalance Argan Oil

BioBalance argan oil

BioBalance have been sourcing Argan Oil from a women’s cooperative in remote Morocco for many years, but it wasn’t until 2017 when BioBalance team member Lisa visited, that it really sunk in how much hard work goes into producing this amazing oil. BioBalance is beaming with pride at being one half of this sustainable business partnership — and in Morocco, the women workers and their children are reaping the benefits of their hard work.

The 450 Berber women in five villages in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco are all paid living wages for their work, and the money goes to them (not their husbands). They use this money to support their families while their husbands are away in the big cities seeking further income. The cooperative also supports the women with schooling for them and the children, Doctors visits and medicines for their remote area, fresh drinking water and lessons in traditional crafts such as weaving and sewing.

When BioBalance found out that this product is created with such love by the Berber women they felt it deserved a revamp. Let’s face it girls—who doesn’t love a fresh, new look?

BioBalance Argan oil is now packaged in a 100% recycled cardboard tube, printed with soy inks. It will compost or recycle happily (unlike the old foil pouch) or you can re-use the tubes for makeup brushes or pens. The patterns and colours are inspired by local Moroccan clothing, tiles, and mosques that call the locals to prayer each day.

Inside you will find the same 100% cold pressed certified organic Moroccan Argan oil that you have been used to. It has an exceptionally high percentage of essential fatty acids, including linoleic acid (Omega 6) ensuring the repair of your precious skin and hair.

This product replaces the two Argan Oil products BioBalance used to have – one for skin and another for hair treatment. It can be safely used to moisturise your skin, tame your frizzy mane or nourish thirsty hair. It can be used as an overnight hair treatment mask, or rubbed generously onto skin. It has no nasty chemicals, preservatives or additives and is not tested on animals – it is 100% Vegan. The Argan Tree is grown in a way that cares for and nurtures the Moroccan environment and this Argan oil is created by a group of entrepreneurial women for women all over the world to enjoy.

Every time you purchase one of the  BioBalance Argan Oil products, BioBalance will donate $1 back to the local women’s cooperative to help make more of a difference.

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